With the ‘Porsche Track Your Dream’ digital service that the German manufacturer has just unveiled, Porsche customers in North America can now track the journey of their newly-ordered 911 from production in Germany, through transit across the Atlantic Ocean, to final arrival at the dealership for delivery.

A unique link is sent to the customer once an order has been placed, which leads to a page that enables the tracking of the new car through 14 milestone events, including order creation, freeze point for vehicle changes, production updates, vessel departure from Germany, port entry into the United States, and then arrival at the dealership, among others. Progress is also shown in miles and days, says Porsche.

In addition to digitally tracking the progress of one’s new Porsche prior to arrival, the My Porsche web portal features a ‘Behind the Scenes’ function which customers offers visual insight into the build process of their new cars. For this, cameras have initially been installed at two stations along the production line, with another two to be added soon, said Porsche.

This visual component will initially be available for new car customers in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland as well as Spain, with other markets to follow suit in coming months. Both the Track Your Dream and Behind the Scenes functions are online for Unites States customers; Track Your Dream is initially available for 911 customers, and Porsche plans to add the Taycan to this in the future.

In a nutshell, this would appear to be somewhat like tracking the delivery of a parcel to your doorstep, albeit with far more anticipation involved if it is the arrival of a sports car that’s expected, isn’t it?

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