BMW Malaysia has announced a longer plug-in hybrid battery warranty for its PHEV models. The new eight-year or 160,000 km PHEV battery extended warranty programme is an upgrade from the previous six years or 100,000 km PHEV battery warranty. This is separate from the five-year unlimited mileage warranty for the rest of the vehicle.

This upgraded 6+2 years PHEV battery extended warranty programme benefits the premium brand’s plug-in hybrid range, which includes the G30 BMW 530e – available in Sport and M Sport trim levels – and the G12 BMW 740Le LCI.

According to the extended warranty’s fine print, the prerequisites include full maintenance at a BMW authorised dealership in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, which is expected.

“This shall not be treated as a preventive replacement warranty policy. Only confirmed faulty modules will be replaced as per BMW diagnostic protocol, technical findings, etc,” it says, which means that if the battery’s not faulty, it won’t be changed, and the judges’ decision is final.

“The vehicle must be regularly charged to ensure the hybrid batteries are fully functional in order to provide driving pleasure to the customer,” the fine print adds.

This extended warranty package – which is available from June 1 to December 31, 2020 – can be transferred to the car’s next owner as long as the package remains valid.

As for existing owners of BMW PHEVs, the extended two years and 60,000 km coverage can be purchased. The cost is RM2,200 for the F30 BMW 330e M Sport, F15 BMW X5 xDrive40e and G30 BMW 530e Sport/M Sport. Extending the PHEV battery warranty for the G12 BMW 740Le xDrive will cost the owner RM7,600. The BMW i3s full EV, launched here last year, has an eight-year/100,000 km warranty.