Penang Bridge users are set to enjoy a 20% discount on toll payment starting from the middle of July. This will be for private vehicles using the Touch n Go RFID payment method, and it will reserved for those residing or working in Penang.

“Although the discount is for private vehicles only, it covers over 80% of vehicles passing through the Penang Bridge. Users under the category who live or work in Penang can apply for the 20% discount through the RFID at the Penang Bridge from next month. Further details on the discount application will be announced by PLUS and Touch n Go soon,” PLUS northern region business manager Wan Ahmad Awang told Bernama.

With the RFID discount, the toll charge will be RM4.59 instead of the regular RM5.74 for private vehicles crossing the bridge into Penang Island.

Wan Ahmad said that the use of RFID allowed users to top up online via app, hence avoiding interaction with other people and reducing the risk of getting Covid-19. He added that RFID would also be implemented at the Hutan Kampung-Sungai Dua route next month; however, the 20% discount would not apply on this route.

This move is also to reduce congestion at the toll plaza, as there are many bridge users with insufficient Touch n Go credit. Wan Ahmad Awang said that there were some 144,698 such cases recorded in Penang from March 18 till May 31.

“There are nine toll plazas managed by PLUS in Penang including Penang Bridge, Juru, Sungai Dua and Kubang Semang. Out of the nine, the Penang Bridge toll plaza recorded the highest number of insufficient Touch n Go card balance with 66,077 cases followed by toll plazas in Juru, Kubang Semang and Sungai Dua,” he revealed, adding that the problem usually occurs during peak hours on weekdays.

“We suggest that road users top up their card in a larger amount to reduce the frequency reloading at toll plazas,” he advised.