Infiniti QX60 Monograph previews next-gen model

Infiniti QX60 Monograph previews next-gen model

The next-generation Infiniti QX60 will be revealed in 2021 to replace the current model that has been around for nearly a decade now. To give us some idea of what the new model will look like, the Japanese carmaker has unveiled this, the QX60 Monograph, which is currently on display at the ongoing Beijing Motor Show.

According to Infiniti, the QX60 Monograph previews some of the proportions and design elements that will adorn the its future three-row SUV. It’s certainly quite a departure from the first-generation model, with a more muscular yet elegant look, while retaining distinctive company cues.

The signature Infiniti double-arch grille takes its place at the front, which is made more prominent by an origami-inspired texture for the insert – this is also repeated for the vertical corner inlets. The SUV also gets slim LED headlamps at the front that showcase the brand’s “Digital Piano Key” lighting, where translucent vertical lines segment the upper light strip, with the effect also repeated for the rear taillights.

Infiniti QX60 Monograph previews next-gen model

Viewed from the side, you’ll see the SUV’s tapered greenhouse and chrome window trim, the latter heavily contrasting the blacked-out windows and roof. Unlike the current QX60, the crescent-shaped detail near the D-pillars are absent on the Monograph, but there’s a subtle tribute where the window trim is “pinched” closer to the rear.

Other prominent cues visible from this angle include a nearly horizontal bonnet, long wheelbase and muscular fenders that wrap over glitzy, 22-inch alloy wheels embossed with the Infiniti name. There’s also a strong character line that starts near the front fenders and gradually disappears as it approaches the rear doors, which the company says is meant to visually raise the car’s centre of gravity and give it a sense of height.

Moving towards the rear, the Monograph adopts a wide, dark-tinted taillight element to add to the vehicle’s visual width, which also sees the end of a chrome strip on the tailgate. Instead, there’s just the brand’s logo and script occupying the space, which also pushes the number plate area further down to the bumper.

Infiniti QX60 Monograph previews next-gen model

Completing the look of the Monograph is a “platinum paint” finish, which Taisuke Nakamura, senior design director, Infiniti Global Design, says, “mimics the qualities of liquid metal, allowing the surface of the body to capture the shadows and lights of the environment in which it is displayed creating a sense of dynamism.”

There’s also slim-line roof rails to “provide a practical counterpoint to the QX60 Monograph’s sleek, sporty proportions,” while a large panoramic roof features a “kimono fold” pattern, whatever that means. Sadly, the company didn’t provide any images of the interior, nor has it expressed what powertrains will be available when the new QX60 is launched. As such, we’ll have to wait for 2021 for additional details.

The QX60 is an important model for Infiniti, as the company sold more than 400,000 units worldwide since its introduction. With the premium three-row SUV segment being more competitive thanks to models like the Lexus RX L, Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy and Acura MDX, the carmaker will certainly want to maintain its relevance in the space.

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