There has been a great deal of hype surrounding the new Proton X50 SUV, so much in fact that irresponsible parties have begun misrepresenting themselves as Proton salespersons to make a quick buck.

In an official statement, Proton said, unequivocally, that only bookings made via authorised Proton dealers and outlets are legitimate. “Proton has not appointed any parties outside of our authorised sales network to act as sales agents for the company’s products.”

“We would like to strongly urge all potential customers to be wary of individuals or organisations claiming otherwise, and if in doubt to contact us. At Proton, our first priority is the customer and we will always strive to ensure that they are well looked after,” it added.

You may visit this website to locate a Proton dealer closest to you, or alternatively you may call Proton’s customer care hotline at 1-800-88-8398. The Proton X50 will likely be launched soon, so be sure to watch this space for updates. Also, feel free to browse through our comprehensive coverage of the B-segment SUV by clicking the tag below. Don’t you want to see how it outperforms the BMW X1 in a drag race?