Here it is – the return of the Hummer nameplate on a fully electric pick-up truck, after several teasers from the beginning of the year. Its headline output figures of 1,000 hp and an estimated 15,591 Nm of torque come courtesy of a three-motor powertrain with a double-stacked Ultium battery pack, which has been estimated by General Motors to offer 560 km of driving range in Edition 1 guise.

The Hummer EV Edition 1 can support 800-volt DC fast charging at up to 350 kW, which enables nearly 160 km of range to be acquired in 10 minutes of charging, says GMC. This launch variant will be available in the Northern Hemispehere autumn of 2021 with a starting price of US$112,595 (RM466,706), and will be the first of an eventual four-variant Hummer EV line-up.

This will be joined by the Hummer EV3X a year later in the fall of 2022 starting from US$99,995 (RM414,479), with a three-motor setup producing 800 hp and 12,880 Nm of torque, here offering 480 km of range.

This will be followed in the spring on 2023 with the Hummer EV2X, starting from US$89,995 (RM373,029), and this will come with a two-motor, 480 hp/10,033 Nm powertrain offering 480 km of range. The range is completed by the base Hummer EV2 variant that is slated for debut in the spring of 2024, also with a two-motor, 480 hp/10,033 Nm powertrain and 400 km of range.

The top-spec powertrain in Edition 1 guise enables the GMC Hummer EV for an estimated 0-96 km/h time of approximately three seconds, though the domain of a Hummer is in adverse terrain. To that end, the electric truck comes with a first-in-segment four-wheel-steer featuring CrabWalk that turns all four wheels in the same direction at low speeds for the vehicle to move diagonally, somewhat like a crab, hence the name.

The Hummer EV comes with adaptive air suspension as standard, and is available with an Extract Mode that raises its ride height by 149 mm to help the vehicle traverse more extreme terrain such as boulders or water crossings, as well as climbing 18-inch vertical sections. Meanwhile, rolling stock comes courtesy of 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory mud-terrain tyres as standard, with the option of 37-inch tyres available.

Off-roading credentials are further bolstered with underbody armour in the form of steel plates, in order to protect the battery pack against the elements when traversing treacherous off-road conditions. Ultravision front and rear underbody cameras offer additional ‘virtual spotter’ vantage points when navigating obstacles otherwise unseen from the driver’s seat, and when wheel placement is crucial.

The underbody cameras are packaged in a way to be protected against damage from the terrain, and are equipped with a wash function to help clear debris that is accumulated during off-road use. The Hummer EV offers 18 camera views, which is a best-in-class total according to GMC.

The structural rigidity gains afforded by the battery pack enables a structure that allows for removable Sky Panel roof sections, which can be stored in the front trunk, or ‘frunk’ storage compartment that complements the standard pick-up truck cargo tray at the rear end. In terms of aesthetics, there are Hummer badges aplenty; even the headlamps feature elements that are designed with a stylised ‘H’ on each side.

Inside, the 12.3-inch driver instrumentation and 13.4-inch infotainment screens include off-road widgets that display the vehicle’s functions and terrain status, including torque output, differential locker engagement, tyre pressure, pitch and roll angles including maximum values, drift gauge (with maximum values), friction circle, torque vectoring and others.

Unique to the Edition launch variant are functions including ‘Watts to Freedom’, that unleashes the full 1,000 hp/15,591 Nm outputs and lowers the the vehicle by 50 mm in order for it to achieve the 0-95 km/h sprint in three seconds, along with Drive Mode Control that grants the driver control over front and rear axle torque splits, four-wheel steering settings, including Terrain Mode which raises the vehicle by 50 mm.

The Edition 1 also gets a MultiPro tailgate that can be set to six different positions, while the rear glass window and tonneau cover are power-operated for opening and closing.

Production of the GMC Hummer EV will commence late next year at General Motors’ Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center. This is facility that is nearly 40 years old that has been retooled in a US$2.2 billion (RM9.1 billion) investment dedicated to electric vehicle production. Future vehicles to emerge from this plant will be zero emissions, says GMC.