Well, it’s not quite the end of the monthly vehicle sales breakdown by brand after all – the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released the industry’s Q3 2020 performance results, and it turns out that monthly stats for July, August and September continue to be made available.

What this means is that we’ll still be able to report on the sales breakdown per month, but at one go for all three months when quarterly results are announced, unlike before when it was issued monthly. In August, the association had indicated that it was switching to reporting numbers on a quarterly basis instead of monthly as it had done previously, aligning with the latest practice of some of its members.

It may look strange reading about July’s breakdown towards the end of October, but better to have it than not, we suppose. With that, here’s how all the brands performed that month.

As previously reported, a total of 57,552 units were delivered in July, an increase of 12,857 units or 29% from the previous month of June. Sales continued to be buoyed by the vehicle sales tax exemption in place until December 31, as announced by the government.

As such, it was no surprise to see just every passenger car brand performing better than they did the previous month, as reflected by the sea of upward green arrows on the list. Market leader Perodua sold the most cars in July, its 23,203 units for the month representing a 9.2% increase from the month before.

Proton sold 13,216 cars that month, those numbers being a 37.3% improvement over June, when it managed 9,623 units. While its 50,294 units over the first seven months of the year was still about half of that managed by Perodua, it remained well clear in second-place in the overall standings.

Toyota shifted 7,429 units (+70.9%) and remained in third ahead of Honda, which sold 5,995 vehicles (+80.6%). As before, the fight for fifth continued to be tight, Nissan’s 1,550 units (+54.7%) helping it to inch away a little from Mazda, which sold 1,202 cars (+20.0%) that month.

Elsewhere, brands that saw a notable increase in sales included Isuzu (+47.7%), Mitsubishi (+49.2%), Ford (+50.0%), Peugeot (+73.6%),Kia (+84.2%) and Renault (+104.7%). In the premium segment, the biggest gainers were Volvo (+70.2%), Porsche (+116.7%) and Land Rover (+163.6%).

As reported in August, Mercedes did not report its Q2 numbers, and with the reveal of Q3 results it looks like the company has stopped reporting its numbers – the table still shows figures from March this year, plus one. Earlier, BMW and MINI said it switched to a quarterly reporting, so its numbers for the month remain as it was for the first half of the year, at 2,543 units.

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