Customers of the Proton X50 will have access to a number of accessories, which are currently offered in two packages: Urban for and Utility. Both packages are fitted by dealers, with the main highlight being an electric powered tailgate.

Today, we bring you a small gallery of an X50 Flagship fitted with the Urban package, which adds on the aforementioned powered tailgate, along with a built-in SmartTag reader, a magnetic sun shade set and coil floor mats for RM3,500

Opening and closing the tailgate can be done remotely using the key fob, or using the release and a dedicated button on the unit itself. However, there’s no kick sensor here, so there’s no hands-free access function.

Meanwhile, the toll reader is placed in the SUV’s centre console for you to insert your Touch ‘n Go card, with the sensor being mounted at the top of the windscreen, near the rear-view mirror. The floor mats are a three-piece set (two for front passengers and a large one at the back), while the sunshades (one for each door window) are magnetic and removable.

As for the Utility package (not pictured here), it too comes with a powered tailgate, and is grouped together with PVC floor mats, a boot tray and door scuff plates. This package is slightly cheaper than the Urban, retailing at RM3,300.

Both packages can be specified with any of the four available X50 variants, which are priced at RM79,200 for the base Standard, RM84,800 for the Executive, RM93,200 for the Premium, and RM103,300 for the Flagship. Keep in mind that these packages are optional, and are not by any means compulsory to all X50 buyers.