There’s no doubting that the just-launched Proton X50 is pretty well specified, even from the Standard base model on, and such is the spread of kit across the four available variants that most bases should be covered. But like with everything else, there’s always room for more, especially so if it’s something that will be useful to have on a daily basis, like an electric powered tailgate.

The automaker is making this item available as an optional accessory, and has specified its availability in two accessories packages revealed for the X50. The first is in an Urban package, which groups the powered tailgate assembly with three other items, in this case a built-in SmartTag reader, a magnetic sun shade set and PVC coil mats. The package is priced at RM3,500.

The other is called an Utility package, where the powered tailgate is lumped together with PVC embossed mats, a boot tray and door scuff plates. The pack is slightly cheaper, at RM3,300.

Internal memo that is circulating online.

It’s evident from the pricing of both packages that the bulk of the cost is from the powered tailgate unit, which cannot be purchased independently at this point. Fitment of the unit, we were informed, will be carried out by the dealer. Do note, however, that unlike the one fitted on the X70, the powered tailgate here does not include a kick sensor.

Note that these packages are officially available as an optional extra, and are not by any means compulsory to all X50 buyers. This has been confirmed to us by Proton itself, so if your SA or dealer claims that the packages are compulsory, you now know that is not the case.