Volvo is bringing back the Volvo Safety Sunday campaign for this year’s edition of the Super Bowl that will run on February 7, 2021, where it could give away up to US$2 million (RM8.1 million) worth of cars should a safety be scored during the big game.

This sum is double the amount that Volvo pledged for the Safety Sunday campaign at last year’s Super Bowl, when the Swedish car brand put US$1 million (RM4 million) worth of cars on the line in celebration of the over one million lives saved by the three-point safety belt .

In American (gridiron) football, a safety occurs when the attacking side commits a foul in its own end zone, when a side sends the ball behind its own goal line and in the dead zone in its possession, or when the ball is out of bounds behind the goal line.

Open to licensed US residents aged 18 and older, eligible contestants can enter through the Volvo Safety Sunday website until February 7, the day of the game, and configure a Volvo of their specification from the models and trim options available in the United States.

Once configured, entrants need to click on “Try to win this Volvo” on the summary page to enter. After that, they will need to watch for a safety to occur during the game, and should that happen, Volvo will award the aforementioned US$2 million in cars to randomly selected, qualified entrants.

The doubling of the prize value goes towards its goal of saving “a million more”, and addresses the remaining challenges in vehicle safety, namely speed, intoxication and distraction, according to Volvo.

The carmaker first mooted its plan for limiting the top speed of its vehicles in March 2019, which it subsequently implemented in May last year. Last January, a check with Volvo Cars Malaysia revealed that the speed cap will also be implemented for its cars in this country, though a timeline was not specified.