Honda S660 Modulo X Version Z launched in Japan – special model to mark end of production in March 2022

The Honda S660 was first introduced in 2015 as the successor to the Beat and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Honda R&D that same year. A two-seat kei roadster, the model was a forbidden fruit for many and was sold exclusively in Japan.

Three years after the model’s initial market launch, Honda rolled out the S660 Modulo X, which was not only more aggressive-looking, but benefited from handling improvements as well. More recently, the company unveiled a facelift for its pint-sized sports car at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, with the updates primarily focused on the exterior design.

Sadly, the time of the S660 is set to come to an end, with Honda announcing that production will come to an end in March 2022. Up until now, more than 30,000 units of the normal S660 and S660 Modulo X have been sold, so to express the company’s gratitude for all the support, it is introducing this, the S660 Modulo X Version Z.

Mechanically, the special model will only come with a six-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels, which is mated to a mid-mounted 660 cc turbo three-cylinder petrol engine making 64 PS (63 hp) at 6,000 rpm and 104 Nm of torque at 2,600 rpm. The mill has remained a constant from the start to meet with the kei car regulations of Japan.

As the name suggests, the new offering is based on the S660 Modulo X, so things like adjustable five-stage dampers and an improved braking system (drilled rotors and higher-performance brake pads) are all standard. You’ll also get the sportier bumpers, an integrated central exhaust, a rear active spoiler and staggered aluminium wheels (15-inch front and 16-inch rear).

What makes the Version Z unique are the aesthetic enhancements applied to it, starting with an exclusive Sonic Grey Pearl paint finish, although customers can also order the car in Premium Star White Pearl as an alternative. Every emblem on the exterior also receives a black chrome finish, while the active spoiler and wheels are painted black as well.

Inside, carbon-like trim is fitted to various areas like instrument binnacle, air vents and centre stack, accompanied by black Lux Suede and Bordeaux Red upholstery with grey contrast stitching. For a better sense of exclusiveness, there’s also an aluminium plaque bearing the model’s name at the end of the centre console and removable seat centre bag.

If you’re interested and happen to live in Japan, the S660 Modulo X Version Z is priced at 3,150,400 yen (RM118,833), making it costlier than the standard Modulo X that goes for 3,042,600 yen (RM114,776). However, with S660 production ending next year, this will be a prized JDM collectible, so expect them to be snapped up quickly.