Gordon Murray Automotive has announced that its T.50 supercar, which was unveiled last August, is expected to go into production next year. The company said that prototype testing of the supercar, of which only 100 units will be made and are already sold out, has begun.

It also revealed that it has plans to launch one more fossil-fuel supercar after the T.50, followed by a hybrid model around 2026. The focus will then shift on to electrification, with a fully-electric supercar expected sometime in 2029 or 2030, Reuters reports.

It won’t be the only electric solution to come from the company, which is helmed by legendary race car designer Gordon Murray. It is aiming to develop electric SUVs and delivery vehicles for interested clients. “Electric is what we’ve been missing and that’s where the future is,” Murray told the news agency.

He described the supercar as a brand-building product at the upper end of his business, “while at the customer-facing end, we’ll focus on lightweighting and electric cars.” He said that the company has been working on an EV architecture that will provide the means for a lightweight SUV and a delivery van, which it aims to sell to traditional manufacturers or start-ups.

“We’re hoping to pick up a customer or two along the way. And it doesn’t have to be a carmaker, it can be a post office, or a company like Amazon,” Murray said. It is in the process of developing a small test fleet of these vehicles to international standards.

Separately, Murray told Autocar that the platform will be “a highly flexible EV skateboard designed to form the basis of a B-segment vehicle.” At under four metres long, he said the design would yield “a practical small car rather than a tiny city car” unlike the T.25 that he designed a decade ago.

The group also announced plans to expand its manufacturing and design divisions over the next five years with a £300 million (RM1.74 billion) investment.

GALLERY: Gordon Murray Automotive T.50