2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport

The next-generation Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport will be built upon the manufacturer’s new Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA), which is an electric powertrain-focused platform that accommodates a petrol range extender power unit, reports Autocar.

Designed to be inherently simple, the firm hopes the EMA platform will address the automaker’s quality issues, which Jaguar Land Rover chief Thierry Bolloré said might be costing the company 100,000 sales a year, the magazine reported. The roll-out of the upcoming, EMA-based models is part of a GBP10 billion (RM58.4 billion) investment programme that will run until 2026, it added.

Previously reported to begin in 2024, the EMA roll-out is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s wider plans that includes the debuts of successors for the Range Rover Sport, Velar and Discovery, and these will be based on the upcoming MLA platform for larger models set to roll out in 2022 or 2023.

The successor to the current Evoque is expected to lead the string of EMA-based model debuts

The EMA platform is important to JLR’s prospects of consistent profit-making, and is estimated to account for half of all company sales by 2030 and 325,000 units of high-profit models annually, noted Autocar. First to emerge from this range is expected to be the next Evoque in 2024, which will be followed shortly thereafter by the third-generation Discovery Sport.

A production line for EMA models is expected to be installed at the brand’s Halewood facility, Autocar understands, and it adds that JLR has revealed to its investors that a further two models from the Defender range will debut over the next six years. One of the two is expected to be a fully electric model, and neither will be based on the D7x platform that underpins the current L663 Defender.

Instead, these are expected to use the EMA platform, and thus opens the possibility of an EMA production line being opened at the JLR manufacturing plant in Slovakia for the production of models for the European market. Beyond the EMA and MLA platforms planned for future JLR models, the self-descriptive Pure BEV platform for fully electric models is dedicated to future Jaguar models, for which JLR is seeking a partner.