Porsche teases new concept – debuts at IAA on Sept 6

Porsche has teased a new concept study that will be making its debut at this year’s IAA Mobility (also known as the Munich Motor Show) on September 6. The German carmaker isn’t providing much in the way of details for now, merely describing the show car as being future-oriented and will be inspired by lessons from motorsports.

On the latter, the company says that “for more than 70 years now, motorsports have been the toughest testing grounds for engineering innovations on their way to series production.” Besides keeping things vague for now, we also get an image of the concept’s headlamp, which is noticeably different from what you’ll find on current Porsche models.

With the prominent bonnet lines, this part of the concept does somewhat resemble the Taycan, but the four points of the LED light signature appear to be brought forward and wider in profile compared to the all-electric model. The headlamp section also has a trailing portion that features a highlighted piece at the end, which appears as a contemporary take on the “fried egg” shape of the 996-generation 911 and racing-derived 911 GT1.

It’s not clear if the concept will serve as a preview of the company’s future design direction or something else entirely, as there’s not a lot of information to work with for now. As such, we’ll have to wait until September to see what Porsche has cooked up, so stay tuned.