2021 Munich Motor Show Archive

  • Mercedes-Benz EQE teased before Sept unveiling in Munich – AMG EV, Maybach EV concept to also debut

    Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will unveil the EQE at this year’s IAA Mobility show in Munich, which is set to take place from September 7 to 12. To go along with the announcement, the German automaker also teased the exterior design of its new all-electric sedan, while giving us a good look at what life will be like inside.

    The shadowy teaser doesn’t reveal a whole lot, but we do see some a clear association with the larger EQS, including a distinctive light signature for the taillights and a light bar linking the clusters. The curvaceous body is also somewhat similar, albeit shorter in length, and will be important to ensure a low drag coefficient.

    The EQE will be second model based on the company’s EVA platform (also referred to as MEA) and is expected to feature rear- and all-wheel drive electric powertrains. As for the interior, it is again not unlike the EQS, with at least three displays on show here, although it isn’t known if the EQE will get the same Hyperscreen system like its larger sibling.

    Aside from the EQE, the automaker also has plenty of other things to show at the September event, as there will also be an all-electric sedan by Mercedes-AMG, likely a performance version of the existing EQS.

    Joining the AMG EV is the brand’s first performance hybrid parked under its E Performance label, which could either be the Project One or the GT 73 EQ Power+. The list goes on, as there will also be a concept vehicle that “shows how Mercedes-Maybach will enter the age of electric mobility,” which points to a more luxurious version of the EQS SUV teased recently.

    It was previously confirmed that the regular EQS SUV will only arrive next year, so the concept will be our first look at the automaker’s upcoming fully electric SUV. Meanwhile, from smart, there will be a show car that previews the first vehicle from the brand’s new generation of all-electric models. Other models that will make an appearance in Munich will be the EQB, S-Class Guard and C-Class All-Terrain, the latter two based on the latest iterations of the automaker’s core models.

    The theme of electrification is clear as day, which is in line with the company’s prior announcement that it will transition from EV-first to EV-only. This will see it introduce only fully-electric platforms and models from 2025.

    GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz EQE spyshots

  • Audi skysphere concept teased ahead of August 8 reveal; grandsphere and urbansphere to follow

    Audi is planning to make quite a scene over the coming year by debuting not one, not two, but three concepts. All are based around the company’s “spheres” theme and are named as such, with each visualising a different aspect of Ingolstadt’s idea of personal mobility.

    The first show car is the skysphere, which is set to be revealed on August 8 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California. As the name suggests, it’s an open-top grand tourer, with the teaser above showing a very long bonnet and cab-backward proportions.

    Another video reveals a reimagined closed-off version of the “singleframe” grille, now taking up the full width of the front end and featuring an illuminated rhombus pattern; the latter can also be found at the back, forming the taillights. Also visible are the cross-shaped headlights and twin cowls on the rear deck. The car is being pitched as a driver’s car while also offering autonomous driving capabilities.

    Following the debut of the skysphere, the grandsphere will make its world premiere at the Munich Motor Show in September. Taking the form of a large luxury fastback, it is the most significant of the trio, as it will preview a production car coming further down the line. According to Autocar, that car will be the result of the Artemis project – an electric flagship to replace the A8.

    Teaser images released a few weeks ago showed the car’s massive wheels, suicide doors and a cabin that emphasises the front occupants, with comfy-looking chairs and a sizeable centre console with drinks holders and even space for a plant. There’s still a steering wheel, mind – one with a flat top and bottom that presumably folds away when not in use, given the car’s expected self-driving ability.

    Head of design Marc Lichte said that with autonomous driving in place, luxury car customers might prefer sitting at the front rather than the back, gaining access to an unobstructed view of the outside and a large infotainment display. He likened the concept to a private jet, a third living space outside the home and office.

    Codenamed “Landjet”, the production version will reportedly be the first car to ride on the Volkswagen’s Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), which will also underpin Wolfsburg’s Project Trinity. It will apparently also utilise the group’s unified-cell battery to provide a range of up to 600 km, plus an 800-volt electric architecture to enable up to 350 kW of DC fast charging.

    Aside from the skysphere and grandsphere, Audi will also introduce the urbansphere concept, which looks to be a large MPV/SUV for families. That car is slated to be revealed in the first half of next year.

    GALLERY: Audi grandsphere concept teasers

  • Mercedes-Benz EQG to debut at IAA this September?

    Mercedes-Benz has already confirmed that an all-electric G-Class is on the way, although it did not reveal when we will get to see such a model. However, a new report by Germany’s mbpassion suggests a concept will be presented at this year’s IAA Mobility show in Munich this September.

    Reportedly called the EQG, it will be the latest addition to the G-Class range, which currently consists of petrol and diesel models. The report adds that the EQG won’t be built on a dedicated electric vehicle platform, but will instead be a conversion of the existing G-Class to pure electric drive. Other EQ models that follow this path include the EQA (GLA), EQB (GLB) and EQC (GLC).

    In terms of variants, trademark filings unearthed from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in April suggest there will be two versions of the EQG, namely the EQG 560 4Matic and EQG 580 4Matic.

    Both are expected to come with all-wheel drive as standard thanks to a dual-motor setup, with outputs said to mirror that of the EQS 580, which is rated at 523 PS (516 hp or 385 kW) and 855 Nm of torque. Given the different architectures, it’s uncertain if the EQS’ 108-kWh battery will be carried over, but expect less range due to the off-roader’s weight.

    Back in October last year, the German automaker said it wanted to make the G-Class a sub-brand along with AMG and Maybach. All three entities are expected to be part of a single business group under Mercedes-Benz, which will be formally announced at IAA.

  • smart electric SUV concept teased again for Munich

    First teased in May, smart’s new electric SUV concept has been shown again ahead of its world premiere at the Munich Motor Show in September. This time, we get a good look at the top of the car, having seen a bit of the front and sides.

    The sole image reveals the expansive glass roof, covered in a pill-shaped motif and framed by silver rails. We also see the gold cant rails that incorporates the windscreen header and runs down the D-pillars (where it ends with the smart logo), plus the wraparound windscreen design and the full-width head and taillights.

    The new SUV is the first product of the joint venture between Daimler and Geely, with the latter handling the development of the future models and Mercedes-Benz continuing to be responsible for the design. The brand’s styling is still led by Stuttgart’s chief designer Gordon Wagener, who told Auto Express that the car is supposed to look “cool, sexy and grown-up instead of cute and playful.”

    Evidently, this meant ditching several iconic smart design cues such as the visible tridion safety cell and the large head- and taillights. The move to an electric architecture should also free up plenty of interior space. “Just like the current smart models, the first car of the new era will also offer a better ratio of length to interior space than conventional vehicles,” Wagener said.

    The production version of the show car is expected to ride on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), which spans several variants to cover different market segments and already underpins the larger Zeekr 001. The platform is also expected to form the basis of Volvo’s forthcoming entry-level SUV.

    Expect the smart SUV to ride on the mid-range SEA2 for B- to D-segment vehicles, which has a wheelbase range of between 2,650 mm and 2,900 mm. Given that the car is set to compete with the MINI Countryman, it should figure around the lower end of that range.

    While the unnamed model will be smart’s first production SUV, it won’t be the company’s first attempt at building one. Way back in the mid 2000s, the brand was developing the formore in a bid to expand the lineup after the launch of the original forfour. Mercedes decided to kibosh that car in 2005 as part of a restructuring.


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