Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) is expecting delays in vehicle deliveries as a result of the ongoing global semiconductor shortage. Newly appointed company president and CEO, Sagree Sardien said “due to the current worldwide shortage of supply in certain semiconductor components, we anticipate delays in vehicle deliveries.”

“We will endeavour to minimise the impacts and a flexible delivery mechanism to limit the delivery time in the best possible way,” she continued, adding that “most of our cars in Malaysia are not affected by the restriction.”

As mentioned, the company’s local assembly operations are likely unaffected by the supply crisis, so the specifications and features on CKD models should remain intact. “However, in very few cases, certain specifications will be retrofitted when the affected part is made available later or, as we have aligned with respective customers, will be removed from the cars without retrofit,” she noted.

It’s unclear if the omission of said features, if any, will result in a dip in pricing, but you can expect these revisions to be communicated either here on our website or via your sales advisor.

Sardien also said Mercedes-Benz AG is expecting the semiconductor shortage to continue affecting businesses in the second half of the year.

Meanwhile, the G20 BMW 330e M Sport recently had its price trimmed by RM1,600 (now priced from RM250k) due to the temporary removal of BMW Digital Key and Qi wireless smartphone charging systems. BMW Malaysia assured that once the supply crisis eases, both features will be reintroduced (along with pricing revisions, naturally) on affected models.