Despite entering its 14th year on the market – equivalent to two whole lifecycles in automotive circles – the R35 Nissan GT-R shows no signs of slowing down. While a replacement for the all-wheel-drive rocket ship is on the horizon, the Godzilla is only getting a pair of (admittedly very tasteful) special editions for the 2022 model year in Japan, as it soldiers on for another 12 months.

The two T-spec models, named after “trend” and “traction” to refer to the GT-R’s evergreen status and prodigious grip, are based on the Premium Edition and Track Edition variants. A number of visual and mechanical goodies set these cars apart and justify the hefty price premium (which you’ll read about in a bit).

You’ll be able to spot a T-spec by its carbon fibre rear spoiler and gold front and rear T-spec badges. Open the bonnet and you’ll find a gold finish on the cover of the VR38DETT 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V6, all the better to tell your mates just where your hard-earned money was spent. Peer through the wheels and you’ll also be able to clock the carbon ceramic brakes and their yellow callipers, lifted from the GT-R Nismo.

Further additions on the Premium Edition version include the Track Edition’s 20-inch Rays forged alloy wheels (finished in gold instead of gunmetal) that are wider than stock, increasing tyre rigidity and making for smoother and more sensitive handling, said Nissan.

They are also lighter, so the suspension has been retuned to take advantage of the reduced unsprung mass; wider front fenders cover the increased track width. Finally, the interior is upholstered in exclusive (and gorgeous, if I may add) green leather and suede.

Meanwhile, the Track Edition model comes with a carbon fibre roof and bootlid, in addition to the “standard” car’s stiffer, specially-bonded body, Nismo-tuned suspension and Recaro bucket seats. The powertrain remains unchanged and produces 570 PS at 6,800 rpm and 637 Nm of torque between 3,300 and 5,800 rpm, sent to all four wheels through a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Last but certainly not least, the T-spec models mark the return of two of the most iconic Skyline GT-R colours. The colour-shifting Midnight Purple, said to be inspired by the aurora borealis, is an updated version of the elusive violet hue offered on certain versions of the R33 and R34, while Millennium Jade was introduced on the also-limited R34 M-spec and V-spec II Nür models.

The GT-R is not cheap to begin with, but these T-spec models push the boundaries to new heights. The Premium Edition T-spec sells for 15,904,900 yen (RM601,000), an increase of 3,575,000 yen (RM135,100) over the regular Premium Edition, while the Track Edition T-spec is 3,245,000 yen (RM122,600) costlier at 17,881,600 yen (RM675,700). Just 100 units will be offered, with buyers selected by drawing lots.