The next-generation BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (codenamed U06) has been leaked on various social media platforms ahead of its official debut, giving us a good look at the successor to the F45-generation model that has been around since 2014.

The sole image posted gives us a good look at what’s change at the front, with the standout feature being the enlarged kidney grille. It isn’t as striking as what you would find on the latest 4 Series, but compared to the outgoing model, it’ll definitely have a greater presence.

To go along with the larger nostrils, the new 2AT’s bonnet is now flatter, while the headlamps have been slimmed down for a sleeker shape. This particular example appears to be dressed in the M Sport package, hence the prominent lower intakes with silver accents at the corners of the front bumper.

As for the other cues we can see, the window line looks to be similar to the current model, but the side bodywork dials back on the strong creases for a more elegant profile. We don’t have a shot of the 2AT’s rear, but spyshots suggest slender LED taillights and a generously-sized tailgate for easier cargo loading. Similarly, spyshots suggest the interior will get two displays that are laid out in a way that suggests they will be curved like in the iX.

As for the mechanical bits, the 2AT is expected to sit on the FAAR platform, which is an upgraded version of the UKL2, accompanied by various powertrains. On the latter, reports suggest there will be a 230xe plug-in hybrid that boasts more power than the existing 225xe, which offers 224 PS (221 hp) and 385 Nm of torque from a system that combines a 1.5 litre turbo three-cylinder with an electric motor.

GALLERY: U08 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer spyshosts