Touch ‘n Go to launch new card with NFC technology soon – reloading it via eWallet app will be possible

Touch ‘n Go has revealed that it will be launched a new version of its card that comes equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology in the coming weeks, The Malay Mail reports.

According to TNG Digital CEO Ignatius Ong, users will be able to top up the balance of the new card using an NFC-enabled port via the TnG eWallet app. Currently, TnG cards can only be reloaded at dedicated kiosks or counters that offer reload services.

“The Touch ‘n Go card that we have in circulation for the last 20 years does not have the capability to directly top up your cards from the eWallet because you need a specific card reader to actually do the transactions for security reasons,” Ong said during a panel discussion on the second day of MyFintech Week 2022 today.

The only link between a physical TnG card and the eWallet app now is the PayDirect function, where toll charges are first deducted from the eWallet balance instead of the balance on the linked card. Only when the eWallet’s balance is exhausted will toll charges be deducted from the physical card’s balance, although this can be prevented by enabling the auto-reload feature in the eWallet.

Such an idea isn’t new and was mooted by TnG in January last year, although the planned introduction by the end of 2021 didn’t happen. It goes without saying that you’ll likely need a phone with built-in NFC to reload the new TnG card using the eWallet app.

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