Honda Certified Used Car programme launched in Malaysia – available at six dealerships nationwide

A week after announcing that it would be doing so, Honda Malaysia (HMSB) has officially launched its Honda Certified Used Car (HCUC) business, which it says will enable Malaysian consumers to purchase a verified, pre-owned Honda vehicle through an accessible and trustworthy platform.

The company said that the business has kicked off wih the participation of six dealerships from different regions. The dealerships are MJN Motors (Selangor), Tiong Nam Motor (Selangor), Kah Motor (Penang), Kah Motor (Johor), Yong Ming Motor (Johor) and Chuan Thye Motor (Pahang). According to HMSB, the HCUC programme will gradually be expanded to meet growing demands in the used car business.

Under the HCUC, customers will be able to select from a variety of different Honda pre-owned models. All the pre-owned Honda vehicles sold by the division are aged five years and below, with an odometer mileage of 100,000 km and below.

The company said that the cars sold under the HCUC business are certified, equipped with genuine parts and are free from major accidents and flood damage. Vehicles under the programme have undergone a thorough and stringent 288-point inspection conducted by Honda Certified Inspectors, including checks on the condition of the engine and transmission, functionality and undercarriage as well as that of the exterior and interior.

It added that customers who purchase certified pre-owned vehicles through HCUC are entitled to an additional one-year extended warranty on top of any existing warranty that is still valid for a vehicle. In addition, customers will have access to after-sales service at the network of authorised Honda dealerships nationwide.