Modenas airs second Modenas Karisma 125 S teaser

With just two days to the official launch of the 2022 Modenas Karisma 125 S, another teaser for the new scooter has emerged on social media. Following the video released last week, we now have a rear view of the Karisma 125 S.

The photo shows an uoswept tail light, dark body panels with blue stripes and a silver grab rail/spoiler. No sign of a badge or logo, with only a Modenas name sticker placed below the tail light.

From the front and rear views of the new Karisma 125 S, it resembles certain scooters manufactured in China, such as the Kenbo Wolf X 125, Lucky Star Theo 150 and the Motoposh Evo 125. The official Malaysian launch of the Karisma 125 S will reveal all, obviously, but in the meantime, speculation is rife as to the shape of Modenas’s new scooter and its basis.

Modenas airs second Modenas Karisma 125 S teaser

If it is true the Karisma 125 S is derived from a China made scooter and rebadged as a Modenas product, does this mean the production partnership between Kymco and Modenas that gave us the previous generation Karisma 125 S has ended?

As for the Malaysian scooter user, the underlying requirement for this market segment is a product that is budget conscious and reliable. What do you think> What do you feel should be included in the upcoming 2022 Modenas Karisma 125 S?

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