Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has updated the price of its Mitsubishi Triton for 2022, and all variants of the pick-up have had their price adjusted upwards, as reflected by the listings on the company’s website.

UPDATE: The story has been updated with prices prior to the latest price adjustment, in which the price difference for two variants (the Athlete and AT Premium) are lower than previously reported. The prices quoted earlier for these in the story were from the last stated, which was from April 2021, when the Athlete variant was launched – this means that since then, there has been a revision of its price, along with that of the AT Premium, which we were not aware of.

According to the company, the changes – like that for the Xpander – have been brought about by what it terms “cost up constraints.” No surprise there, given that material and logistics costs have gone up by a fair bit since Covid-19, and the Triton is a fully-imported model.

The Triton isn’t the only truck to see a price adjustment this year – last month, all models in the Toyota Hilux range saw a RM3,000 increase in their retail prices. However, that for the Triton varies, with the revisions ranging from RM2,000 to RM3,800 for the variants in the range, excluding the Quest variant, meant for commercial applications.

At present, the Mitsubishi Triton range in Malaysia is currently priced at (all on-the-road, without insurance):

  • Triton Athlete – RM146,600
  • Triton AT Premium – RM126,900
  • Triton MT Premium – RM116,200
  • Triton AT – RM107,990
  • Triton MT – RM103,200

Prior to this, the Triton Athlete was priced at RM142,800, so the flagship model now costs an additional RM3,800. When it was launched in April 2021, the Athlete was priced at RM141,500, meaning that in the year since its introduction, there has been a RM1,300 price adjustment somewhere along the way.

As for the Triton AT Premium, the variant is up by RM3,600 from its previous RM123,300 asking price. It was priced at RM121,000 in April 2021, so its price has also been adjusted sometime in the past year.

Meanwhile, the Triton MT Premium is now RM2,900 more than before (previously RM113,300), while the Triton AT is RM2,000 more (previously RM105,990). Finally, there’s the Triton MT, which now costs RM3,000 more (previously, RM100,200). Finally, the workhorse Triton Quest is now priced at RM81,390, up RM1,500 from the RM79,890 previously.