Toyota Hilux prices in Malaysia increased by RM3,000 – now starting from RM95,880; 2.4G MT 4×4 dropped

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has posted an updated (estimated) price list for the Toyota Hilux, with all variants of the pick-up truck retailing for RM3,000 more than before. Along with the price revisions, the Hilux is expected to receive minor spec enhancements or improvements soon, though specific details are not yet available. An early indication of updated pricing provides prospective customers a more accurate picture of what the actual price will be, useful for budgeting and loan/financing reasons.

UPDATE: We’ve checked with UMWT and it’s confirmed that the 2.4G MT 4×4 has been dropped from the Hilux line-up. This post has been updated accordingly.

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According to the new table, the Hilux now starts at RM95,880 on-the-road without insurance for the Single Cab 2.4 MT 4×4 (previously RM92,880). Moving on to the double cab variants, the 2.4E AT 4×4 goes for RM111,880 (previously RM108,880), followed by the 2.4V AT 4×4 for RM136,880 (previously RM133,880) and the range-topping 2.8 Rogue AT 4×4 for RM149,880 (previously RM146,880).

Curiously, the 2.4G MT 4×4, which sits between the 2.4E AT 4×4 and 2.4V AT 4×4, is missing from the latest price list. As it turns out, the variant that previously retailed for RM111,880 has been dropped from the line-up altogether. Do note that sales tax is factored in as pick-up trucks are classified as commercial vehicles and are excluded from the government’s sales tax exemption.

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