Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has announced its sales performance for the company’s financial year 2021, which ended in March 2022. MMM sold 19,217 units in FY21, a 66% increase compared to the previous financial year, achieved with the background of Malaysia’s total industry volume (TIV) shrinking by 6.7%.

With that, MMM says that Mitsubishi is now “comfortably in the top three spots of the non-national automotive category”. Now, we all know who the top two non-nationals are, which means that MMC has overtook traditional No.3 brand Nissan and is ahead of Mazda. Both those brands have a much wider range of passenger models in Malaysia than Mitsu, and both also have pick-up trucks in the local range.

As usual, Mitsubishi’s main striker is the Triton. It’s not the newest kid on the pick-up truck block, but the Triton is “maintaining a solid market share” of around 21.4% in the segment “despite healthy competition from its newly launched rivals”. MMM sold 9,420 units of the Triton in FY21, a 24% increase over the previous financial year.

For the calendar year 2021, the Triton was the MMM’s best-selling model with 9,268 units delivered, 34% more than in 2020. The truck accounted for 53% of MMM’s total sales in 2021.

The Triton is priced from RM81,390 to RM146,600. Check out our review of the range-topping Athlete.

GALLERY: Mitsubishi Triton Athlete