GWM Poer P11 open for booking in Malaysia – 2.0L turbodiesel with 163 PS/400 Nm; est from RM110k

GWM Poer P11 open for booking in Malaysia – 2.0L turbodiesel with 163 PS/400 Nm; est from RM110k

Besides the Poer P12, Great Wall Motors (GWM) will also be launching another double cab pick-up truck in the form of the Poer P11. For the uninitiated, Poer (pronounced as power) is the official name of GWM’s P-Series pick-up truck range for international markets.

According to GWM, the name is inspired by the Chinese character “pao” and is actually an acronym for “powerful, off-road, enjoyable and reliable.” The P11 is essentially an alternate version of the P12 with a different design so you don’t confuse the two.

Where the P12 has a bold front grille with a thick frame and horizontal bars in chrome, the P11 sports a “nebula” grille instead. The headlamps on the P11 are also shaped to look like “hawk eyes,” as the company describes them, compared to the more angular look of those on the P12.

Referring to a screenshot taken of a since-removed page from the Malaysian GWM website, the P11 will be offered with four-wheel drive and a diesel engine. The latter is a 2.0 litre turbodiesel unit making 163 PS (161 hp) and 400 Nm of torque, paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

This is the same setup used for the P12, but the P11 will not come with Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities. This is in line with the model’s positioning in China, where the P11 is marketed for commercial purposes, whereas the P12 is more passenger focused.

The pricing reflects this further, as the P11 is estimated to go for RM11X,XXX, which is less than the P12 that starts from RM13X,XXX. As with the Ora Good Cat and P12, pre-bookings can now be made for a fee of RM1,000, with deliveries estimated to take place in the fourth quarter of this year.

GWM’s pick-up trucks and their variants go by many names depending on the market they are sold in. In China, the range is called the Pao and the variants the P12 and P11. Over in Australia, customers get just the P12 version, which is called the GWM Ute and is offered in four Cannon variants. Meanwhile in Brunei, the Poer name is used but the P11 is called the Sucan and the P12 is known as the Ruman.

GWM Poer P11 open for booking in Malaysia – 2.0L turbodiesel with 163 PS/400 Nm; est from RM110k

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  • SmartConsumer on Jul 08, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    Good car. a pickup truck of 2000cc and below is highly needed because of road tax. That is why lately Ssangyong actyon sports is in high demand in second hand market. Small cc with durable mercedes engine.
    If harga murah sikit will be perfect. Mesti laris dijual. Small CC pickup is important for many small home business. No need special license to drive it

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  • gurun on Jul 08, 2022 at 5:35 pm


    poer is too near to poen.

    These guys factory is in the north. Don’t they know what poen means?

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  • was expecting 80-90k. 110k no advantage compare to japanese brand

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