2022 GWM Ora Good Cat for Malaysia – 47.8 and 63.1 kWh variants; up to 500 km EV range; est from RM140k

Great Wall Motors (GWM) announced its entry into Malaysia just yesterday, and one of the models that will be coming our way is the Ora Good Cat. The all-electric hatchback was showcased during yesterday’s event, but it’ll be some time until the Good Cat (also called the Haomao) is launched here, as we were told that GWM’s first products will only enter the market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Ahead of the Good Cat officially going on sale, Great Wall Motor Sales Malaysia has begun accepting pre-bookings for the electric vehicle (EV). The company even provided estimated pricing for a little while, but it has since revised its website and the figures are no longer there. Even so, screenshots of the website were captured prior to the website being updated, so here’s what we know so far.

To start, four variants of the Good Cat will be offered, namely the Tech, Pro, Ultra and Ultra G, all available for pre-booking at a fee of RM1,000 (click here if you’re interested). All variants will come with an electric motor rated at 143 PS (141 hp or 105 kW) and 210 Nm of torque driving the front wheels, allowing for a top speed of 152 km/h. One-pedal driving is available and there are five drive modes available (Normal, Sport, Eco, Eco+ and Auto).

Both the Tech and Pro will come with a 47.8-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery that can provide up to 400 km of range following the NEDC standard. No charging specifications were provided, but the charging times do match up to those of the Thailand-spec Good Cat.

2022 GWM Ora Good Cat for Malaysia – 47.8 and 63.1 kWh variants; up to 500 km EV range; est from RM140k

It’ll take about eight hours to get to a full charge with AC charging (Type 2 connection) at the vehicle’s maximum supported input of 6.6 kW. Meanwhile, it takes about 46 minutes to get from a 0-80% state of charge (SoC) with DC fast charging (CCS2 connection) at 60 kW. As for pricing, both the Tech and Pro are estimated to start from RM14X,XXX, with the latter likely being higher up the scale due to its positioning above the Tech in the line-up.

After the Pro is the Ultra, which is estimated to retail from RM15X,XXX. For the higher asking price, the Ultra offers up to 500 km of range thanks to a more substantial 63.1-kWh ternary lithium battery.

The charging kit for the Pro and Ultra is identical to the Tech and Pro, although the times aren’t. With AC charging, it takes around 10 hours for a full charge and getting from a 0-80% SoC with DC fast charging requires about 40 minutes. At the very top of the pack is the Ultra G, which shares the same specifications with the Ultra, but will comes with more equipment to justify its asking price that is estimated to be from RM16X,XXX.

It should be noted that we will be getting one more variant of the Good Cat compared to Thailand, as buyers over there miss out on the Ultra G. However, the Good Cat is cheaper over there thanks to tax and duty reductions as well as incentives, with the Tech currently priced at 763,000 baht (RM93,967), the Pro at 828,500 baht (RM102,034) and the Ultra at 959,000 baht (RM118,086).

2022 GWM Ora Good Cat for Malaysia – 47.8 and 63.1 kWh variants; up to 500 km EV range; est from RM140k

Even so, the Good Cat is poised to become the most affordable EV you can buy in Malaysia based on these estimated figures. The current record holder is the Kona Electric e-Lite, which is currently priced at RM156,538 with EV incentives and sales tax factored in, which is more than the Tech, although the base variant of the Good Cat is a little sparse in terms of kit.

On that mention, the Tech comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels (205/55 profile tyres), LED headlamps, LED DRLs, LED taillights, keyless entry and start, fabric seats, manually-adjustable front seats, a seven-inch digital instrument cluster, automatic air-conditioning with PM2.5 filter, a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, four speakers, passive cruise control, two frontal airbags, ESC, ABS, EBD, four rear parking sensors, hill start assist, low-speed emergency braking and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The Pro builds on the Tech by gaining 18-inch alloys (215/50 profile tyres), automatic LED headlamps, power-folding side mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, an electric panoramic sunroof, synthetic leather upholstery, a powered six-way driver’s seat, a 360-degree camera, a wireless phone charger, a USB port for a driving recorder as well as side and curtain airbags.

2022 GWM Ora Good Cat for Malaysia – 47.8 and 63.1 kWh variants; up to 500 km EV range; est from RM140k

Also fitted are a range of active safety and driver assist system, including adaptive cruise control with intelligent turning, traffic jam assist, automatic emergency braking with intersection support, front collision warning, a wisdom dodge system, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist and lane centre keeping.

The Ultra gets the Pro’s kit list, but with the addition of a welcome light effect for the headlamps, a memory function for the powered side mirrors, driver seat memory with welcome function, two more speakers (for a total of six), automated parking, emergency lane keeping, lane change assistant, blind spot detection, rear collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert and braking, plus six parking sensors front and rear.

Finally, the Ultra G is identical to the Ultra when it comes to equipment, but not colours. The range-topper is the only one that can be had with an exterior painted Hazel Wood Beige/Wisdom Brown or Verdant Green with a white roof. Also exclusive to the Ultra G are a brown/beige and green/grey interior.

2022 GWM Ora Good Cat spec sheet; click to enlarge

The Pro and Ultra is available in three monotone colours, including Sun Black, Hamilton White and Coral Blue, along with two two-tone options featuring a black roof (Hamilton White and Mars Red) – both get a black interior. The Tech’s colour options are limited to just Sun Black and Hamilton White, paired with a black interior.

The Good Cat measures 4,235 mm long, 1,825 mm wide, 1,596 mm tall and has wheelbase of 2,650 mm. For context, the Honda City Hatchback is 4,345 mm long, 1,748 mm wide, 1,488 mm tall and its wheelbase spans 2,600 mm.

With all the information provided so far, what do you think of the Good Cat? Are you looking forward to its launch? Will you be placing a pre-booking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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