Chery in talks with Indonesia to build manufacturing and R&D facilities, develop a sales network for EVs

After making its return to the Indonesian market recently, it seems that Chery isn’t content with just selling electric cars in the country. In fact, there is much more in the pipeline for one of China’s largest vehicle manufacturers.

During Indonesian president Joko Widodo’s recent trip to China, the premier met with Zhang Shengshan, executive vice-president of Chery International in Beijing, and was presented with the company’s energy investment plans for Indonesia.

The investment plan involves electric vehicle and battery production along with integration of mineral resources to contribute to the local economic and social development. Indonesia is known for its abundance in mineral resources, with its nickel reserves ranking first in the world.

In executing its plans, the company will build a production and manufacturing base. Research and development, manufacturing and sales facilities are planned in Indonesia as the company sees the local market as integral to its globalisation plans. The company’s mission is to take root in Indonesia, spread its influence across the ASEAN region, and eventually export its products across the world.

Chery in talks with Indonesia to build manufacturing and R&D facilities, develop a sales network for EVs

The elaborate plans were met with approval by Joko Widodo and the Indonesian minister of foreign affairs, Retno Marsudi. According to Chery, the pair expressed full confidence in the automaker’s development plans for Indonesia and offered their support in Chery’s development in the country.

Similarly, Chery is also working on developing a nationwide sales network in Malaysia along with establishing assembly operations in the country after announcing its return to Malaysia. The brand had indicated last year it was scheduled to make a return sometime this year.

Models such as the Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro are set to be introduced here, while the Omoda 5 SUV has been seen undergoing tests on Malaysia roads. In gauging the country’s interest in the new launched Chery Omoda 5 EV, the company’s Facebook page even invited netizens to voice their views on various aspects of the electric SUV.

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