2022 Jaguar XF facelift in Malaysia – full gallery of updated 2.0T P250 R-Dynamic HSE, from RM499k

2022 Jaguar XF facelift in Malaysia – full gallery of updated 2.0T P250 R-Dynamic HSE, from RM499k

Back in June, Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia announced the arrival of the facelifted Jaguar XF 2.0-litre R-Dynamic in Malaysia. We now have a full gallery for a better illustration of the changes that have come about with the refresh.

As it is the P250 variant, the Jaguar XF gets a 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder Ingenium engine, paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission, which drives the rear wheels. Output is rated at 250 PS (hence the P250 designation) and 365 Nm, which is good enough to propel the XF from zero to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km/h.

Compared to the pre-facelift model, the updated XF now looks sleeker with a number of exterior design revisions. Its front bumper has been revised to accommodate larger air intakes and a larger front grille. The most apparent and significant change up front are the headlamps, with new ‘J-graphics’ for the daytime running lights.

That’s not all – the headlamps now feature quad projectors slotted between the ‘J-graphics’, in contrast with the dual projectors in the pre-facelift model. The rear bumpers and side fenders badges have also been revised.

There are significant changes on the inside as well. For starters, the dashboard is now fitted with an 11.4-inch curved glass infotainment display, which is 48% larger than before. As you’d expect, it comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but what stands out here is the Meridian sound system.

While that offers aural pleasure, cabin serenity is ensured by the segment-first Active Road Noise Cancellation feature that actively reduces cabin noise while on the move.

The centre console is now home to a touch-sensitive air-con control panel, replacing the physical buttons from before. Less obvious are the air-con vents – the ‘pop up’ vents seen previously have now been replaced with conventional vents. The same applies to the ‘pop up’ gear lever in the pre-facelift model, now replaced with a conventional gear lever. Also new to the cabin is a fully-digital instrument cluster and steering wheel design.

In terms of safety features, the facelift XF is equipped with driver aids such as autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control as well as a Driver Condition Monitor. The 2022 Jaguar XF facelift is priced from RM498,800, before road tax, registration and insurance. Including accessories such as a cross bar (RM2,197) and a roof box (RM7,316), the price of this particular example is listed as RM508,313.

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  • ROTI CANAI on Aug 05, 2022 at 8:34 pm

    better close shop

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    • JLR might soon be bro

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      • Pedro on Oct 31, 2022 at 1:46 am

        Buy the car not the badge. Handling better, price better than equivalents but badge isn’t German. Buy a car that handles like Jaguar and not a badge that may not impress friends or neighbours . But people who can drive properly would choose Jaguar,
        Today people judge cars by how expensive it is what the neighbours\friends will perceive as good.
        No research, no test drive and although most cars are automatic no idea how a gear box works or why an automatic car has “ paddles” to change down
        So come on Bro, tell me when to change down to third!!
        When drivers know this, I will listen to their opinion and not their opinion of what they believe, as many other people without driving skills, that all you do is press the pedal and steer, providing the car has the right badge on the front.
        If interested read reviews in motoring magazines about the driving handling and experience of driving a Jaguar
        Please do this, otherwise go and buy the badge, but you and other lemmings will be partly responsible for Jaguars demise.

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  • Jaguar have made better changes. I will take one

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