Renderings may just be a reflection of the imagination but more often that not, they can also be a source of inspiration. After giving us an idea of how the next-generation Toyota Camry could possibly look like, Theophilus Chin is back at it again; this time with a Honda Civic Type R Sedan.

Now, there’s no actual Civic Type R sedan for this generation, as the new FL5 Civic Type R is based on the five-door hatchback. So, the base for this ‘recreation’ is the Civic FE sedan that was launched in Malaysia recently, laid on with Type R design. Cutting straight to chase, as you can tell from the video, the front end looks similar to the actual Civic Type R.

Most of the redesign work has taken place at the rear, including the rear quarter panel section for smoother body lines. The side skirts from the Type R and slimmer rear quarter window frames have also been adapted onto the sedan body.

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At the rear, aside from the addition of a Type R badge (the focal point of Type R conversions), the Civic sedan’s rear bumper has been revised. It now features corner outlets, a large diffuser, with triple exhaust tips as its centre piece – just like the actual FL5 Civic Type R.

While the triple exhaust tip design isn’t new, as seen on the previous FK8 Type R, the new Type R features a large centre pipe between two smaller ones. In the previous Type R, the centre pipe was smaller than the side ones. Of course, no Type R ‘conversion’ is complete without a prominent rear wing, although don’t you think it looks good with just a boot spoiler?

What do you think of this render? Would you like to see a sedan-based Civic Type R? Or should we leave this conversion to our local Civic enthusiasts?

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