Cones and ‘Peronda’ placed at SUKE hotspots to deter emergency lane parking, ‘Do Not Stop’ signs up soon

By now, you would have heard of the new Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE). You would have also heard that Klang Valley’s latest highway is a scenic elevated route with a panoramic view of the KL skyline. Almost 100,000 cars entered SUKE in the first 24 hours after its opening at noon on September 16, and unfortunately, some stopped on the emergency lane to take in the view.

To want to admire the view and take some pictures is understandable, but it’s a temptation that one must resist, because it’s both dangerous and illegal. The first accident has already happened, and unsurprisingly, it involved tourists on the emergency lane. Fortunately, there was no major injury in the kapcai-Myvi collision.

SUKE operator Prolintas is aware of the trend, and is taking action to prevent further unwanted incidents. “We completely forbid users from stopping their vehicles at the roadside for no emergency reason because it is very dangerous to do so, not only to themselves but also to other highway users,” Prolintas group CEO Datuk Mohammad Azlan Abdullah said.

“Safety aspects have always been the priority of Prolintas. We are very pleased with the response from users. However, we hope that everyone can take highway safety seriously to avoid any unwanted incidents,” he added.

According to the concessionaire, they’ve identified the “points of interest” for motorists and have placed safety cones at those locations to prevent users from stopping on the emergency lane without good reason. “Peronda SUKE” auxiliary police are making more frequent patrols and are on duty 24 hours.

Prolintas says that it will be setting up “Dilarang Berhenti Kecuali Kecemasan” signs at the hotspots “the soonest possible”. The same message will be displayed on the variable message sign (VMS) along the highway. Because Malaysians must be told so explicitly.

Cruise by all means, but do not stop. Also, while taking in the nice feel of the elevated highway and its scenes, continue to pay attention on the road and your lane.

By the way, Prolintas will not be “wasting” its commanding view and will be building an R&R facility near the Tasik Tambahan Interchange in the future. The hillside rest area will have F&B outlets to go along with the panoramic view of the KL skyline. Think of it as a “SUKE Lookout Point”.

The SUKE – which is projected to relieve traffic on the MRR2 by 30%, Jalan Ampang by 36% and Jalan Loke Yew by 12% during peak hours – isn’t just scenic; it’s also an impressive engineering feat – alignment map, facts and figures, and our experience here.

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