MBSA’s Bilik Gerakan Pantas has issued a statement advising Taman Sri Muda residents to repark their cars at higher ground as a precautionary measure to prevent damage from any potential rising flood water.

The parking lot of Pasar Moden Sri Muda has been made available for Taman Sri Muda residents to park their cars. Follow the links below to navigate there.

LINK: Pasar Moden Sri Muda (GMaps)
LINK: Pasar Moden Sri Muda (Waze)

Earlier today it was reported that several areas around Selangor experienced flash floods in the evening after continuous heavy rain, with Seksyen 17, 24, 25 and Padang Jawa mentioned as affected.

If you’re planning to drive, do check beforehand if there are any flash floods affecting the areas along your route. Avoid forcing your way through flooded areas as it might cause considerable damage to your car.

Consider getting Special Perils coverage for your motor insurance so your car is covered for flood damage – it is getting more and more necessary these days.