The official opening of the Gentari charging hub at the Bangi Golf Resort yesterday also saw the presenting of its public energy distribution license, or Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS) licence from the Energy Commission (EC) to EV Connection (EVC), officiated by the minister of natural resources, nature and climate change Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad at the event.

The EV charging hub at the Bangi Golf Resort is co-developed by EVC and Gentari, a subsidiary of Petronas, and the license presented to EVC yesterday is the same as the license given to the X Park Sunway Serene EV charging hub for ensuring the safety of the facility’s structure and operations.

Having received the EVCS license from the Energy Commission, this license allows the EV charging sites at the Bangi Golf Resort – as well as the one at X Park Sunway Serene – to charge pricing by kWh for electricity consumed, instead of time-based, per-minute pricing.

Minister of natural resources, nature and climate change Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

Public charging hubs within the Gentari-EVC EV charging infrastructure are the first in Malaysia to introduce pricing by rate of energy consumption, which makes for a pricing mechanism that is more consumer-friendly, Gentari head of clean energy solutions transition Shah Yang Razalli said in his speech.

The awarding of the EVCS license is a guarantee of safety for Gentari-EVC charging hubs in the operation of its facilities for public use, and this development is a positive step in support of streamlining and administering the rapidly growing green mobility segment in Malaysia, he added.

For the Bangi Golf Resort EV charging hub that was just officially opened, EV users will be charged RM0.55 per kWh for AC charging at 7 kW and 22 kW charging points, and RM1.00 per kWh for DC charging at the 120 kW DC and 200 kW DC dynamic chargers.

Meanwhile at X Park Sunway Serene, AC charging is priced the same, while DC charging is the same RM1 per kWh for up to 180 kW, or RM1.20 for the top 350 kW charging output, which can now be used in its entirety through a single charging gun.

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