2024 Ford Mustang engine details – Dark Horse with 507 PS, GT with up to 493 PS, EcoBoost with 319 PS

2024 Ford Mustang engine details – Dark Horse with 507 PS, GT with up to 493 PS, EcoBoost with 319 PS

It has been several months since Ford unveiled the 2024 S650 Mustang, and before start of the Christmas holidays, the American carmaker has decided to reveal the outputs of the engines powering the seventh-generation pony car.

We start with the Mustang Dark Horse, which is the most track-focused variant of the bunch and the most powerful non-Shelby edition of the Mustang. The Dark Horse also has the honour of being the most powerful naturally-aspirated 5.0 litre V8 Mustang ever, with the petrol engine pushing out 507 PS (500 hp) and 567 Nm of torque. For context, the outgoing Mustang Mach 1’s V8 churns out 477 PS (470 hp) and 556 Nm.

The Dark Horse uses Ford’s fourth-generation cross-plane Coyote V8, with upgrades being a uniquely balanced crankshaft and strengthened camshafts to withstand consistent operation near the redline of 7,500 rpm. The motor also gets forged piston connecting rods first introduced in the Mustang Shelby GT500 to handle higher cylinder pressures and piston speeds.

Moving down the order, the Mustang GT also uses the Coyote engine but without the Dark Horse’s improvements. With an available active-valve performance exhaust system, the GT (in both coupe and convertible forms) delivers 493 PS (486 hp) and 567 Nm.

Without the fancy exhaust system, the figures drop to 487 PS (480 hp) and 563 Nm, which are still better than the previous GT’s 456 PS (450 hp) and 556 Nm. Both the Dark Horse and GT have identical horsepower and torque ratings for their 10-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions, although the Dark Horse does come with a transmission oil cooler.

The more affordable version of the latest Mustang is the one with an EcoBoost engine, and the 2.3 litre turbocharged four-cylinder mill now serves up 319 PS (315 hp) and 475 Nm. The increase is marginal, as the previous EcoBoost Mustang offered 314 PS (310 hp) and 474 Nm.

Ford says the EcoBoost engine has been redeveloped using its new Modular Power Cylinder (MPC) engine architecture with a new bore-to-stroke ratio, port and direct fuel injection, variable cam timing, integrated exhaust gas recirculation and twin scroll turbocharging to deliver not just better performance but also fuel economy. Like its V8 stablemates, the EcoBoost Mustang gets automatic and manual gearbox options, and all Mustangs are rear-wheel drive.

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GALLERY: 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse

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