The Energy Commission (EC) has recommended that charge point operators (CPOs) involved in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure are to immediately obtain a valid public energy distribution license for the installation of EV charging systems (EVCS) by March 31, 2023, Bernama has reported.

Electric vehicle charging system (EVCS) licenses are to be obtained by charge point operators, including for EV charging systems already in operation, before enforcement is carried out, the Bernama report cited a statement by the Energy Commission as saying, and which added that the license must be applied to ensure that charging systems are standardised and safe throughout the country.

“This requirement is in line with the provisions of Section 9(1)(b) of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 (Amendment 2015) (Act A1501), which states that licences shall be issued to charge point operators conducting electricity supply activities for commercial purposes for 10 years, depending on the installation location,” the statement read.

However, the scope of the Energy Commission licensing only covers safety and technical aspects, and does not cover economic regulatory policy, it added.

Charge point operators carrying out charging system installations without a valid licence are committing an offence, and may be prosecuted under Section 37(5) of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 (Act 447), according to the statement by the EC.

The recently opened Gentari electric vehicle charging hubs at the Bangi Golf Resort and at X Park Sunway Serene in Petaling Jaya were the first EV charging sites to receive the Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS) licence from the Energy Commission.

At the official opening of the Gentari charging hub at the Bangi Golf Resort, the location was presented with its public energy distribution license from the EC to EV Connection (EVC). The EV charging hub in Bangi is co-developed by EVC and Gentari, a subsidiary of Petronas; the license is to ensure the safety of the facilities’ structure and operations.