Special peak hour contraflow lanes for Rapid KL buses on Jalan Ampang, Jalan Tun Razak – starts on July 3

Special peak hour contraflow lanes for Rapid KL buses on Jalan Ampang, Jalan Tun Razak – starts on July 3

Good news for commuters who ride the bus to KL city centre daily. Rapid Bus is joining hands with DBKL to introduce peak hour tidal flow lanes as part of the transport ministry’s initiative to reduce traffic congestion.

Basically, it’s a contraflow for Rapid KL buses in the Ampang Corridor involving routes that pass Jalan Ampang from Ampang Point to Jalan Tun Razak. This proof of concept is the first in Malaysia and will start on July 3. Three bus routes will be involved – 300 (Pandan Indah – Lebuh Ampang), 303 (Taman Mulia Jaya – Lebuh Ampang) and DS01 (LRT Ampang – Ampang Park/KLCC).

“We at Rapid Bus always strive to improve the experience of our passengers. One component that is very critical is to ensure that our buses reach the stops on time. Following the call from the government to improve bus services, we target to uplift the quality of Rapid KL bus services and increase the public’s trust in the service,” said Rapid Bus CEO Muhammad Yazurin Sallij.

Rapid Bus says that the temporary bus-only lanes in the morning and evening peak hours will help improve the precision of bus frequency, therefore shortening waiting times.

“This contraflow will help our buses avoid being stuck in traffic jams, which is always the main cause of delay in reaching the stops. We hope that more residents in the Ampang area will use the bus as their main choice to head to the city centre. Economical, fast and easy,” Yazurin added.

By the way, DS01 is a route that connects LRT Ampang to Ampang Park and KLCC. What’s unique about this route, previously called the Skip Stop Xpress, is that it’s a non-stop route to the heart of KL. A one-way ride costs RM1.10.

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