Fisker PEAR EV – compact hatchback with modular interior, seating for six persons; from RM136k in US

Fisker PEAR EV – compact hatchback with modular interior, seating for six persons; from RM136k in US

Joining the unveiling of the Fisker Ronin is a more compact, upright offering the Fisker PEAR, which the California-based EV company says is its vision of a sustainable connected mobility device.

Dubbed the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, from which it gets its acronym, the PEAR takes the form of a two-box crossover hatchback that accommodates six persons across two rows, from an overall length of 4,500 mm.

The PEAR is built on the firm’s SLV-1 platform and its Steel++ development process that enables it to use 35% fewer parts compared to other EVs in its class, Fisker says; this is also the first implementation of the Fisker Blade central computing platform.

Packaging forms the key points of the PEAR, which features a ‘Houdini Trunk’, or in other words, a liftgate that stows away within the rear bodywork of the vehicle. At the front is Fisker’s take on the frunk, which it calls the Froot – its own portmanteau of ‘front’ and ‘boot’.

Screen-capture images from the presentation broadcast show the PEAR interior to have a centrally mounted display screen on a dashboard without a centre console to make room for the three-abreast seating layout in the front row. There is room for stowage on the tray in front of the passenger, and the steering wheel appears to be a flat-bottomed multi-function unit.

Fisker has however revealed that the PEAR EV will be priced from US$29,900 (RM136,134) in the United States before government incentives, and will be made available in four trim levels. Availability is scheduled for mid-2025, according to Fisker.

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      @Bang Your… I think you can’t afford both. You better stick to TATA brand only. Suits your image better also. LMAO

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  • MASAMI on Aug 05, 2023 at 9:02 am

    Wah murahnya this car in USA. Their gaji so tinggi but things so much cheaper. We all gaji kecil but kereta mahal. Our menteri is OKU ke?

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    • farkbigtime on Aug 05, 2023 at 2:22 pm

      wah damn bleady cheap vis a vis income per capita there…can buy cash so cheap….

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    • i think its getting better with the price of model y and dolphin. hopefully more will follow.

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    • Anonymous on Aug 06, 2023 at 4:30 am

      $30,000 may be cheap, but not affordable for an average US citizen. Americans are struggling with car loans.
      Over 40 million of them have student loans to pay worth trillions, and let’s not forget their infamous medical costs. Average medical insurance is around $400 a month (and increases as they get older), otherwise prepare to spend an INSANE amount or even the most basic healthcare. Rent or housing loan is another issue. Half of their annual $55,000 income is already gone to insurance, rent, and loans.

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