PLUS and Gentari launch modular DC fast charger with battery energy storage at Behrang lay-by northbound

PLUS and Gentari launch modular DC fast charger with battery energy storage at Behrang lay-by northbound

Plus Malaysia (PLUS) and Gentari have announced the introduction of a modular and portable electric vehicle (EV) fast charging station with a battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Behrang lay-by (northbound) on the North-South expressway (NSE).

According to the companies, the integrated charger for public use, which combines the use of solar panels and BESS, is the first of its kind to be set up in the country. More of these will eventually be set up, with the rollout to be conducted in phases into 2024, starting with three more lay-bys along PLUS highways.

Aside from the Behrang northbound location, the proposed sites are Behrang lay-by (southbound), also in Perak, and Senawang lay-by (northbound and southbound) in Negeri Sembilan. Each site will offer DC charging of up to 200 kW, with two chargers and four connectors available per location.

Three further locations are being proposed, these being at Ajil (northbound and southbound) and Perasing R&Rs, all on Lebuhraya Pantai Timur 2 (LPT2) in Terengganu. In addition, the alternating current (AC) charging points at existing Petronas petrol stations at PLUS’ R&Rs and lay-bys are being upgraded to DC fast charging (DCFC) points.

Gentari said it will also develop new DCFC charging points at additional Petronas stations along PLUS highways and nearby locations, targeting full completion of these by 2024.

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