Geely Galaxy E5 EV pre-sales begin – RM80k-102k in China; five variants, 440 km-530 km range CLTC

Geely Galaxy E5 EV pre-sales begin – RM80k-102k in China; five variants, 440 km-530 km range CLTC

Pre-sales for the Geely Galaxy E5 electric vehicle have started in China, with pricing revealed to be between 123,000 yuan and 157,000 yuan (RM79,725 to RM101,763) in the country across five variants, reported Car News China.

First unveiled in May this year, the Galaxy E5 uses the Geely Electric Architecture (GEA) that is developed from the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), and the E5 measures 4,615 mm long, 1,901 mm wide and 1,670 mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,750 mm.

A previously-sighted filing with the Chinese ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) revealed that the Galaxy E5 is specified with a single-motor powertrain, with a front-mounted unit producing 218 PS, propelling the vehicle to a top speed of 175 km/h.

Geely Galaxy E5 EV pre-sales begin – RM80k-102k in China; five variants, 440 km-530 km range CLTC

Energy will be stored in the manufacturer’s latest-generation, ‘short blade’ Aegis lithium iron phosphate battery, which brings greater energy density compared to the preceding generation of battery, along with added resistance to fire, underbody impact, crushing, seawater immersion and more.

Cell-to-body integration of the battery with the vehicle adds structural strength while reducing vehicle weight, Two battery capacities will be offered in the Galaxy E5; a 49.52 kWh unit, and a 60.22 kWh unit, offering battery ranges of 440 km and 530 km respectively on the Chinese domestic CLTC testing standard.

The aforementioned single-motor powertrain is what Geely calls an 11-in-1 system that integrates 11 major components such as the motor, electronic controls, reduction gearing and others in one system, occupying a volume of just 72 litres and weighing 79.8 kg, reports Car News China.

Geely claims an efficiency rating of 90.04% and a minimum energy consumption of 11.9 kWh per 100 km, while an intelligent energy recovery system with with four levels of recuperation, which is to maintain a linear change in the vehicle’s deceleration by factoring other data such as its distance to other vehicles as well as the severity of traffic congestion, in order to prevent or reduce motion sickness for its occupants.

Earlier official images have revealed that the Galaxy E5 cabin features a large, floating central infotainment screen along with a driver’s instrument display behind the two-spoke steering wheel, and Car News China reveals that the model’s HMI is powered by a 7-nanometre chip for automotive applications, dubbed Dragon Eagle 1, and this will run the Flyme Auto HMI that is supplied by Meizu.

The ongoing development of right-hand-drive versions of the Galaxy E5 will offer the basis for the Proton eMas, the national carmaker’s first electric vehicle. The Galaxy E5-based eMas EV is scheduled to debut in December 2024, and this will arrive ahead of five new models from Proton that will be based on the Proton Global Modular Architecture (GMA), and these will feature a mix of internal combustion, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric powertrains.

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  • Hopefully Proton will include other interesting interior colour options other than black on black on black.

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    renault koleos rear light

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    Congrats! Cheap EV for Malaysian.

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    Hopefully mahresia version gets songket batik sarong interior wrap and seats cover

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    Wei Potong wat you waiting for ? Bring in quickly and rebage with Harmau Malaya logo and kain songket grill lah. Soo slow wan waiting for Prez Xi to invite you izzit? Kahlor also Gold perfect for first e.Mas model. Sell for RM90k also can make more than RM10k profit. Cepat buat lah aisey mann.

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