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  • Hyundai Arnejs Concept at Paris 2006

    Hyundai will be showing it’s Hyundai Arnejs Concept at the Paris Motor Show end of this month. The Hyundai Arnejs, pronounced Ar-nez, will give us a preview on how Hyundai’s new European C-segment contender will […]

  • Porsche Panamera spotted testing!

    This weird blue car which looks like a stretched 997 Porsche 911 with four doors is a test mule for Porsche’s new Grand Tourer car, the Porsche Panamera, set to be launched in a few […]

  • Naza requests more land for Indian plant

    Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn Bhd’s Tamil Nadu, India plant to assemble Naza and Kia vehicles was approved by the state government, but now Naza is requesting an additional 50 acres of land which brings the […]

  • smart forfun2

    Most of you associate smart cars with tiny little toy cars which don’t look like they belong on highways at all. This is something outrageous – introducing the smart forfun2! While there were talks about […]

  • Proton launches Satria Neo in Singapore

    Proton Singapore Pte Ltd has launched the Proton Satria Neo 3-door hatchback in Singapore, with only the H-Line model being offered at SG$51,488 for the automatic transmission model and SG$48,988 for the manual transmission model. […]

  • smart roadster Test Drive Report

    Just last month contributor Dr. S.P. Long tested the Brabus K4, somewhat of an uncle-car which just so happens to have the ability to go faster than the average E200K. Since the tuned Mercedes-Benz E200K […]

  • Volkswagen Malaysia appoints 3 dealers

    Volkswagen Group Malaysia Sdn Bh has named the first three dealers that will sell fully imported CBU Volkswagen cars in Malaysia. The companies are Wearnes Automotive Sdn Bhd, More Cars Sdn Bhd and VW Cars […]

  • 2007 Nissan Qashqai unveiled with photos

    This is Nissan’s ultimate answer for the C-segment; something practical, with a well-appointed interior, nothing too big, not too intimidating, makes you feel secure, presents a confident image. The dynamic styling of a sports car […]

  • More barriers for us to get car loans

    More barriers for us to get car loans

    We will now find it harder to get our car loans approved, following measures taken by banks beginning two months ago which includes checking the applicant’s credit ratings with 3 different sources before considering approval. […]


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