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  • GALLERY: 2014 Toyota Harrier at Toyota Megaweb

    Toyota Harrier Tokyo27

    You’ve seen the official shots, now here’s a gallery of live photos of the 2014 Toyota Harrier, snapped earlier today during a visit to the Toyota Megaweb in Tokyo. The vehicle was first announced in July, with tech details revealed last week.

    Both engine versions of the Harrier, which returns to the model lineup after skipping a generation, are on display at the showcase centre – the vehicle comes in 2.0 litre petrol and 2.5 litre Hybrid guise. Powering the petrol version – available in both two- and four-wheel drive configurations – is the 3ZR-FAE 2.0 litre Valvematic mill, good for 151 PS at 6,100 rpm and 193 Nm at 3,800 rpm. It’s paired with a Super CVT-I transmission.

    As for the hybrid model, that’s equipped with a powertrain comprising a 2AR-FXE 2.5 litre Atkinson cycle lump – offering 152 PS/206 Nm – and an E-Four dual motor system, made up of 143 PS/270 Nm and 68 PS/139 Nm electric motors. Combined total output is 197 PS for the all-wheel drive offering.

    Aside from the tech bits, it looks like the JDM Harrier gets a pick of seven exterior shades, three interior colour options, four seat material alternatives and two interior ornament choices, according to a bunting displayed at the Megaweb.

  • 2014 Toyota Harrier details revealed – 2.0 or 2.5 Hybrid


    Toyota has released full technical details of the 2014 Toyota Harrier. The Harrier used to be the Toyota version of the Lexus RX SUV, but with the current third-generation RX, the nameplate went missing.

    Now, it’s back. This time, the Harrier has further visual differentiation from the RX, and there’s a lot more differences under the hood as well. While the RX uses large powertrains like the 2.7 four-pot in the RX 270, the 3.5 V6 in the RX 350 and the 3.5 litre hybrid RX 450h, the Harrier uses much smaller engines, even compared to the Harrier generations before it.

    The regular Toyota Harrier uses the 3ZR-FAE – a 2.0 litre Valvematic engine mated to a Super CVT-i gearbox. It is available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations. The engine produces 151 PS at 6,100 rpm and 193 Nm of torque at 3,800 rpm.

    Meanwhile, the Harrier Hybrid uses a 2.5 litre Atkinson cycle 2AR-FXE that does 152 PS and 206 Nm on its own, but thanks to an E-Four system, combined output is boosted up to 197 PS. The E-Four system has two electric motors – a 143 PS, 270 Nm motor and a 68 PS, 139 Nm motor. All-wheel drive capabilities is provided via the electric motor on the rear axle.

    We don’t think UMW Toyota will be bringing this in, but you can probably watch out for it at your nearest grey importer!

  • 2014 Toyota Harrier – new exterior and interior photos

    We now have more photos of the 2014 Toyota Harrier, which first made an appearance in July this year. Toyota Japan’s website mentions a ‘winter debut’, and we reckon its first motorshow appearance will be this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

    Based on the Lexus RX SUV, all images of the 2014 Harrier that we’ve seen so far are that of the hybrid version, so the new Harrier might be an exclusively hybrid SUV, unlike the RX which has RX 270 and RX 350 petrol variants. The Toyota Harrier Hybrid will mostly likely share its hybrid system with the RX 450h, which means a 3.5 litre V6 mated with a Hybrid Synergy Drive system that uses three electric motors.

    With this new set of photos, we get to see the interior of the new Harrier for the first time. The exterior and interior are bespoke, not a mere rebadge of the RX. The interior features Toyota’s latest design cues, such as slim aircond vents and joypad-like steering wheel buttons.

    The Harrier’s eagle logo is nearly as prominent as the Toyota logo, being used on the nose of the car as well as etched into the leather on the door cards.

  • 2014 Toyota Harrier set for year-end debut in Japan

    toyota harrier 2014 02

    After skipping a generation, the Toyota Harrier is set return to the fold. After being present for the first two generations of the type, the arrival of the third-generation AL10 Lexus RX in 2008 saw the equivalent Harrier version being dropped from the Toyota line-up.

    Looks like it has indeed been missed, and with that, a new one is coming about. The first images of the new Harrier have been released, popping up on a special page on the automaker’s domestic website. The SUV is scheduled to make its market debut at the end of the year – ahead of that, it should get its premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show in November.

    Only the exterior shots are to be had; no details as yet on the vehicle, even though there’s a brief release on it via the website – all that’s said is that the new one continues with familiar design elements such as that tilted C-pillar and that the “strong exterior lines are flowing with a sense of speed” (that’s Google Translate at work, by the way). And that it’ll be sold domestically through Toyopet stores nationwide.

    We’ll know more as it gets closer to the TMS. Considering that the RX should be due to go into its fourth-gen cycle sometime next year or so, the timing of the Harrier’s arrival is quite strange. As for that face, you’re either going to love it or hate it. What do you think of the 2014 Toyota Harrier?


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