Toyota has released full technical details of the 2014 Toyota Harrier. The Harrier used to be the Toyota version of the Lexus RX SUV, but with the current third-generation RX, the nameplate went missing.

Now, it’s back. This time, the Harrier has further visual differentiation from the RX, and there’s a lot more differences under the hood as well. While the RX uses large powertrains like the 2.7 four-pot in the RX 270, the 3.5 V6 in the RX 350 and the 3.5 litre hybrid RX 450h, the Harrier uses much smaller engines, even compared to the Harrier generations before it.

The regular Toyota Harrier uses the 3ZR-FAE – a 2.0 litre Valvematic engine mated to a Super CVT-i gearbox. It is available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations. The engine produces 151 PS at 6,100 rpm and 193 Nm of torque at 3,800 rpm.

Meanwhile, the Harrier Hybrid uses a 2.5 litre Atkinson cycle 2AR-FXE that does 152 PS and 206 Nm on its own, but thanks to an E-Four system, combined output is boosted up to 197 PS. The E-Four system has two electric motors – a 143 PS, 270 Nm motor and a 68 PS, 139 Nm motor. All-wheel drive capabilities is provided via the electric motor on the rear axle.

We don’t think UMW Toyota will be bringing this in, but you can probably watch out for it at your nearest grey importer!