We now have more photos of the 2014 Toyota Harrier, which first made an appearance in July this year. Toyota Japan’s website mentions a ‘winter debut’, and we reckon its first motorshow appearance will be this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Based on the Lexus RX SUV, all images of the 2014 Harrier that we’ve seen so far are that of the hybrid version, so the new Harrier might be an exclusively hybrid SUV, unlike the RX which has RX 270 and RX 350 petrol variants. The Toyota Harrier Hybrid will mostly likely share its hybrid system with the RX 450h, which means a 3.5 litre V6 mated with a Hybrid Synergy Drive system that uses three electric motors.

With this new set of photos, we get to see the interior of the new Harrier for the first time. The exterior and interior are bespoke, not a mere rebadge of the RX. The interior features Toyota’s latest design cues, such as slim aircond vents and joypad-like steering wheel buttons.

The Harrier’s eagle logo is nearly as prominent as the Toyota logo, being used on the nose of the car as well as etched into the leather on the door cards.