• Norton motorcycles not be made in India, says TVS

    After its acquisition of famed but financially troubled British brand Norton Motorcycles for 16 million pounds sterling (RM87 million), one question asked of TVS Motor Company India was, “will Nortons be made in India?” The […]


  • TVS Motor India buys Norton Motorcycles for RM87m

    Financially troubled Norton Motorcycles UK, under administration for tax irregularities as well as being investigated for claims of misappropriation has been purchased by TVS Motorcycles of India. A press release from TVS states it paid […]


  • Norton Motorcycles sold 961 engine design to China

    English motorcycle maker Norton Motorcycles, currently under administration for tax irregularities, has sold its 961 engine design rights to Chinese maker JinLiang. The agreement to sell the engine design and tooling was made in December […]


  • Norton Motorcycles UK sells engine design to China

    To meet the current requirement for Euro 4 compliant motorcycle engines in many markets, ZhongShen Motorcycles of China has entered into a 20-year Design and License agreement with Norton Motorcycles UK. The agreement is for […]


  • 2017 Norton V4 RR released – return of the TT racer

    Synonymous with racing, especially Tourist Trophy (TT) racing, is legendary English motorcycle manufacturer Norton, which signalled its comeback with the 2017 Norton V4 RR. Under the auspices of chief operating officer Stuart Garner, Norton returned […]



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