• Norton Motorcycles UK sells engine design to China

    To meet the current requirement for Euro 4 compliant motorcycle engines in many markets, ZhongShen Motorcycles of China has entered into a 20-year Design and License agreement with Norton Motorcycles UK. The agreement is for […]


  • 2017 Norton V4 RR released – return of the TT racer

    Synonymous with racing, especially Tourist Trophy (TT) racing, is legendary English motorcycle manufacturer Norton, which signalled its comeback with the 2017 Norton V4 RR. Under the auspices of chief operating officer Stuart Garner, Norton returned […]



Latest Fuel Prices

RON 95 RM2.08 (0.00)
RON 97 RM2.53 (-0.09)
RON 100 RM3.17
VPR RM3.50
EURO 2M RM2.18 (0.00)
EURO 5 RM2.28 (0.00)
Last Updated 18 Jan 2020