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  • 2006 Kia Rio

    The Kia Rio name is refreshed in Malaysia with the new Kia Rio model being launched here in Malaysia on 7th September 2005. [UPDATE: Read my test drive report on the Kia Rio 1.4]


  • Revised Road Tax Rates

    The government will be revising it’s road tax rates on September 12 2005. Engine capacities below 1000cc will only pay RM30 a year Engine capacities from 1001cc to 1600cc will pay 50% less road tax […]


  • Naza to make Peugeot 206 1.4

    Naza and Automobiles Peugeot signed an agreement today to produce a locally manufactured and branded version of the Peugeot 206 car for local and regional export markets. Naza will be manufacturing a Peugeot 206 branded […]


  • Proton’s Doubtful Debts

    When Proton announced that it made a pre-tax loss of RM4.3 million for for Q1 2005, it explained that it was due to a higher allowance for doubtful debts and higher component costs. Higher component […]


  • Petronas E01 sold to China’s Nanjing Automobile

    Petronas Media Relations Department released this statement on 2nd September 2005 regarding the signing of a Letter of Intent between Petronas, Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) and Brilliant Culture Group Limited (BCG).


  • Rafidah reconciles with Dr. M

    Rafidah Aziz gave Dr. M a hug today in what appeared to be a reconciliation between the two, after their ‘father-daughter’ relationship went through some trouble due to the AP issue.


  • No more APs for Wald

    MITI has stopped the issue of APs for the Wald marque based on reports of non- compliance with import regulations by the local importer Amazing Tempo Sdn. Bhd. Amazing Tempo Sdn Bhd is owned by […]


  • Proton first quarter 2005 Financial Results

    Proton recorded a pre-tax loss of RM4.3 million for the first quarter 2005 ended June 30 2005 compared to the previous pre-tax profit of RM198.3 million in the corresponding quarter. Proton said the loss was […]



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