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Reader Khairiizuan Bin Nazarudin sent us some fresh shots of the “yellow Myvi SE” that has been regularly spotted on test, and with these undisguised pics, we learn something new about the upcoming variant. For one, it’s not called “SE”, but the Myvi Extreme 1.5, as printed on the rear emblem.

And while the tagline for the new Myvi is “Lagi Best”, this one is “Lagi Power, Lagi Best”, referring to the bigger 1.5-litre engine offered.

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We previously posted some shots of the yellow Myvi Extreme being tested alongside a white coloured car with a different bodykit (view it here), so could that instead be a “1.3L SE” that slots between the Extreme and the standard car? We’ll see.

These pics, which was taken at the port (probably for shipment to East Malaysia or Langkawi?), shows all the previously taped up parts, such as the emblem and the lower part of the front and rear bumpers. We can see that the front bumper is all new, and has prominent cutouts for the fog lamps. Both sides are linked by a bronze coloured lip, matched in colour by the grille and the wheels.

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At the back, the “holes” below the reflectors introduced for the new Myvi (reduces pressure build up, improves aero) appears to have been omitted for the Extreme. The rear wing is rather elaborate in design and very prominent. Of course, there are side skirts to complete the sportier look. We also get to see how the car looks in black.

Moving on to the inside, which we also see clearly here for the first time. The central touch screen head unit looks like the one in the Myvi Elegance, and there appears to be leather seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel for this range topper.

The wheel appears chunkier with the leather wrap, and there are audio control buttons on the left spoke, which is a new feature for the Myvi family. The housing for the instrument cluster is in silver, and there’s some carbon style metallic trim on the door panels.

Read and view the standard new Myvi here. The official launch of the Extreme shouldn’t be too far away from now. Stay tuned!