Remember the funny cars created by Proton employees we showed you back in 2010? I remember it clearly, not just because it was one of my first few assignments for this website, but also because of the wacky cars – some were very impressive considering the (lack of) time and resources, but some were just plain crazy in a facepalm way.

So when we spotted some weird cars among the more relevant and expected displays at the Proton Power of 1 event, we had to check them out. These are the third-generation of “Invention and Innovation” vehicles created for an in-house inter-department contest where staff come up with “concept cars”.

They look much better than the previous generation of cars, there are less “out of the world” types around, and the execution is also quite impressive on some units.

Perhaps they’re also no longer limited to the Proton parts bin – our Fiesta-owning Anthony Lim spotted his car’s headlights on an entry!

Forget the Subaru-nosed Saga and check out the orange “Saga Coupe” in the gallery – would a cheap, great driving coupe for the masses work in Malaysia? There’s also a Ferrari red hatchback that doesn’t look a world away from actual production cars.

I’m also quite amused by the “yellow shark,” and that big orange “coupe crossover” could, with better execution, be a concept car.

Enjoy browsing! Dear armchair judge, please also “vote” for your favourite “concept car” in the comments section below :)