It was an early start for a Saturday morning, but I dragged myself out of bed to Proton’s Shah Alam factory to join in the national carmaker’s annual Family Day event; yesterday’s 2010 edition also kick off Proton’s silver jubilee 25th anniversary celebrations.

They erected a seriously huge tent (more like an airplane hangar!) to house 18,000 staff and their families who packed the venue. The guest of honour was none other than the man who’s vision created Proton: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed accompanied by wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.


No, there weren’t any sneak preview of the Persona facelift or new Waja that I had hoped to catch, but the event was anything but boring, thanks to the participants of Proton’s Invention and Innovation competition, an in-house inter-department contest where staff came up with “concept cars” using units that were destined for scrapping. It was very entertaining to say the least; there was a supercar, a shoe car, a caravan, a wooden sportscar, a Donald Duck inspired gullwing Saga and a space ship!

Check the gallery after the jump, but before firing the poison arrows, please do not take them too seriously – this is just a fun contest open to all Proton staff, not a prototype design shootout for the next production model. Enjoy!

Third prize winner: Mid-engined Saga

Second prize winner: Sport shoe inspired convertible

Winner: Super carrier business concept