2013 Honda CR-V
UPDATE: The fourth-gen Honda CR-V has been launched in Malaysia. Click here to read our launch report, and here for a comprehensive test drive review

It’s all systems go for the launch of the new Honda CR-V this week, the second of Honda’s multiple launches this year.

Reader Faiz sighted these two trailers fully loaded with the new Honda CR-V in Malacca heading towards KL. As some of you might know, Honda’s CKD assembly plant is in Alor Gajah, Malacca, so there’s often some interesting sightings in the area in terms of Honda cars.

As a recap of what we announced last week, the Honda CR-V 2.0 litre model will make it’s return, but Honda will also be launching the Honda CR-V 2.4 litre variant later in the year. New to the fourth generation CR-V will be extra cargo space, a revised 2.0 litre motor, TCS, motion adaptive EPS, Hill Start Assist and an evolved VSA.

We’ve already test driven the 2013 Honda CR-V in Thailand and will be publishing a test drive review this week so SUV fans, stay tuned.