2013 Honda CR-V Archive

  • Honda CR-V 2.4L introduced – 190 hp, RM169,800


    Honda Malaysia has introduced the Honda CR-V 2.4L with a 2.4 litre engine. The fourth-gen SUV was launched in March with a sole 2.0 litre engine choice.

    The 2.4 litre i-VTEC four-cylinder engine makes 190 PS at 7,000 rpm, while max torque is rated at 222 Nm at 4,400 rpm. The 2.4 is a DOHC engine (2.0 SOHC) with a 35 PS/32 Nm advantage over the 2.0, although both max figures are made at higher rpms. With the new engine, the CR-V completes the 0-100 km/h sprint in 10.6 seconds on to a 190 km/h top speed. The 2.0 manages 12.7 seconds and 183 km/h.

    Kit wise, the CR-V 2.4L gets leather seats, an eight-way powered driver seat, Smart Entry System (keyless entry) with push start button and steering shift paddles for the five-speed automatic gearbox. Also included are auto wipers, 6.1-inch touch-screen audio and navigation system (with reverse camera) and Bluetooth audio with hands-free telephone system (HFT).


    On the outside, a CR-V 2.4L features auto HID projector headlamps, chrome door handles and 18-inch wheels with 225/60 tyres, one inch up from the 2.0’s 225/65 R17. Safety wise, this range topper boasts six airbags with the addition of curtain airbags. The 2.0 has four airbags, front and side.

    Available in five colours – Twilight Blue Metallic, Taffeta White, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic (new) – the Honda CR-V 2.4L is priced at RM169,800 OTR with insurance, a RM21,000 premium over the RM148,800 2.0.

    Read our review of both the CR-V 2.0 and 2.4 here. We also took the Comfortable Runabout Vehicle on a spin around Langkawi recently, and you can read that local test report here.

  • DRIVEN: Fourth-gen Honda CR-V 2.0 in Langkawi

    Honda CR-V

    Despite what some say of an estate/wagon/shooting brake revival being on the horizon, we know that the very vehicle responsible for their decline is unlikely to be fazed. Demand for the SUV/crossover continues to rise in many parts of the world – even in traditionally estate-loving Europe. It is a hugely significant, not to mention profitable, market.

    Whether you maintain the letters stand for ‘Compact Recreational Vehicle’ or ‘Comfortable Runabout Vehicle,’ the Honda CR-V is among the leaders, and the pioneers, of the high-rider brigade. With upwards of five million units sold worldwide since 1995, not only is it a success story; it’s a household name.

    By now you know quite a bit about the fourth-gen car, including how well it’s been selling since its arrival on our shores in March. You’ve also read third-gen CR-V owner Anthony’s report on the 2.0 and 2.4 litre variants he sampled in Thailand.

    And now here comes a dash of local flavour – Honda Malaysia recently organised a test drive of the smaller-engined SUV in Langkawi, which I had the pleasure of participating in. As Anthony has already covered the car in so much detail, my account will serve as an alternative view.

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  • Order book for the new Honda CR-V tops 3,000 units; 2.4 model now open for booking ahead of June launch


    There were never any doubts that the latest Honda CR-V would be a commercial success here in Malaysia; the only hanging question was how big of a hit it would prove to be. A colossal one, as it turns out.

    Honda Malaysia has just announced that there have been close to 3,000 bookings for the fourth-generation CR-V within a month of its local launch. That’s the highest ever figure for a new Honda model and considering how popular the brand is among Malaysians in recent years, that’s no mean feat.

    The 3,000 orders also surpassed the all-time highest monthly booking figure for the three previous generations of the SUV. To put it into perspective, Honda Malaysia has now achieved 43% of the 7,000 unit yearly sales target set for the new CR-V, all within its first month on the market.


    As such, there’s a lengthy waiting list for all but the earliest adopters, and Honda Malaysia is already in the process of reviewing its production plan to reduce the waiting period for customers.

    It has also been announced that the 2.4 litre variant of the Honda CR-V is now open for booking ahead of its market introduction in June this year. The higher performance model is expected to be priced around the RM190,000 range, and will account for 10% of all new CR-Vs sold.

    To find out what the fuss is all about, you can read our extensive report of the Honda CR-V launch here. Also, third-gen CR-V-owner Anthony has sampled both the new 2.0 and 2.4 litre variants at a press drive in Thailand. Click here for his comprehensive test drive report on the new model.

  • Honda CR-V launched – 2.0 litre, CKD, RM148,800


    You’ve seen the teasers and read our comprehensive test drive report, now the new Honda CR-V has been officially launched by Honda Malaysia, in CKD locally assembled form. The “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” is in its fourth-generation now, and follows the popular third-gen RE, which was the SUV to beat (in terms of sales) since day one.

    The new CR-V may look bulkier, but both old and new dimensions are surprisingly similar. Length, width and height is 4,545, 1,820 and 1,685 mm respectively, which is 20 mm shorter and five millimetres taller than before. The 2,620 mm wheelbase is unchanged, so are the front and rear track widths, fuel tank size (58 litres) and kerb weight of 1,540 kg. Overhangs at both ends have been trimmed slightly, though.

    Boot capacity for the five-seater SUV is 589 litres, expandable to 1,648 litres by folding the rear seats (1,146 litres at the window line), a single-motion affair. Shape-wise, the load length has been increased by 140 mm to 1,570 mm, while the height of the load lip has been reduced by 25 mm. Apparently, you can throw in two mountain bikes or four sets of golf clubs.


    A 2.4 litre model that was always available elsewhere is coming to Malaysia in June, but for now, the CR-V is powered by a 2.0 litre SOHC i-VTEC engine similar to the one in the new Civic. The R20A makes 155 PS at 6,500 rpm and 190 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm – compared to the previous CR-V, this is five PS more at 300 rpm higher, while max torque is made 100 rpm higher.

    Paired to a five-speed automatic, the CR-V does the 0-100 km/h sprint in 12.7 seconds on to a 183 km/h top speed. Power goes mainly to the front wheels, but “Real Time 4WD” can shuffle drive to the back when the need arises. Speaking of wheels, you’ll continue to get 17-inch alloys with 226/65 tyres.

    The new dashboard features a green ECON button that’s now standard issue for Hondas. There’s also an Eco Assist function that changes the illuminated ring colour on the meter cluster. You’ll want to keep it in green for eco driving.


    Also making its debut is a five-inch colour LCD screen with graphics that look similar to the FB Civic’s. This i-MID display is linked to a reverse camera, which is standard fit. The rear air-con vents are also new.

    Safety-wise, the new CR-V comes with four airbags (front and side), ABS, EBD, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), TCS, Hill Start Assist, follow me home lighting and Isofix mounts for child seats. The rear centre seat belt has been upgraded to a three-point unit from the previous lap belt.

    Also on the standard kit list are cruise control, dual-zone auto air con, steering wheel buttons (audio and cruise control), a six-speaker ICE system with USB (no Bluetooth, though) and a new jack-knife design key.

    Five colours are available – retained are Taffeta White, Crystal Black, Alabaster Silver, and Polished Metal, with a new shade called Twilight Blue replacing Urban Titanium in the palette. As usual for Honda, there’s a list of Modulo accessories to add on. Four set packages – Alpha, Beta, Utility and Urban – are on the menu.


    Honda Malaysia is joining the warranty wars with a five-year warranty with unlimited mileage for the new CR-V. Service interval is now set at 10,000 km, and owners are entitled to six times free labour alternated with paid services – one free, one paid, next one free, and so on.

    The new Honda CR-V is priced at RM148,800 on-the-road with insurance. Click here to read Anthony’s comprehensive take on the SUV (he has a third-gen car at home), and impressions of the upcoming 2.4 litre variant, which will be priced around RM190k.

  • DRIVEN: Honda CR-V fourth-gen tested in Thailand

    honda cr-v lead
    UPDATE: The new Honda CR-V has been officially launched in Malaysia, read our launch report here

    With more than five million examples sold in the last 18 years, the Honda CR-V, that erstwhile comfortable runabout vehicle, has been every bit the success story, and in recent times very much the class-defining compact Japanese SUV act.

    Not bad, considering that the first stab at it with the original RD1 from 1995 was a bit of a shot in the dark; rough around the edges, the company’s first own-designed sport utility wasn’t all that elegant, but it did provide an important stepping stone for the brand. The second one, also a RD but with a four suffix attached, was certainly a better fleshed-out offering, but the boxier design was still more utilitarian than pretty, lacking outright charm and grace.

    The jigsaw finally fell into place with the RE, and it is with the outgoing third-gen machine that the CR-V name is defined in the eyes of the consumer. Here at last was the Honda compact SUV all grown up – more car-like in its driving feel and dynamics than its predecessors, with plenty of refinement and perceived value, the RE sold, and it sold well enough to see off the competition through the early days and into the facelift, which arrived in 2010.

    With rivals’ offerings firming up, however, led by the likes of the Mazda CX-5, that hold has begun to wane, and the arrival of the fourth-generation RM is timely for the brand. The question is, does the fresh face have what it takes to remain the benchmark? Let’s find out.

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  • 2013 Honda CR-V spotted on trailers, launching soon!

    2013 Honda CR-V
    UPDATE: The fourth-gen Honda CR-V has been launched in Malaysia. Click here to read our launch report, and here for a comprehensive test drive review

    It’s all systems go for the launch of the new Honda CR-V this week, the second of Honda’s multiple launches this year.

    Reader Faiz sighted these two trailers fully loaded with the new Honda CR-V in Malacca heading towards KL. As some of you might know, Honda’s CKD assembly plant is in Alor Gajah, Malacca, so there’s often some interesting sightings in the area in terms of Honda cars.

    As a recap of what we announced last week, the Honda CR-V 2.0 litre model will make it’s return, but Honda will also be launching the Honda CR-V 2.4 litre variant later in the year. New to the fourth generation CR-V will be extra cargo space, a revised 2.0 litre motor, TCS, motion adaptive EPS, Hill Start Assist and an evolved VSA.

    We’ve already test driven the 2013 Honda CR-V in Thailand and will be publishing a test drive review this week so SUV fans, stay tuned.

  • Honda CR-V – fourth-gen to be launched next week

    honda cr-v
    UPDATE: The fourth-gen Honda CR-V has been launched in Malaysia. Click here to read our launch report, and here for a comprehensive test drive review

    Honda Malaysia is set to launch the new Honda CR-V in Malaysia next week. Earlier in the month, an ad on it popped up on oto.my, hinting at its impending arrival.

    The fourth-generation SUV will arrive in its familiar 2.0 litre form, but the big news is that the 2.4 litre variant, which never made it here in the outgoing third-gen RE, is due to finally enter the scene. You’ll have to be a bit patient for the 2.4 though – it isn’t going to be launched next week, arriving here closer to mid-year.

    Plenty of changes to a firm fave; aside from the visual cues, there’s the promise of extra cargo space, slightly more pep for the 2.0 litre from the R20A mill as found in the current Civic, as well as a host of new kit introduced with the 2.4 litre version – leather seats, integrated navigation system and push-start ignition, among other things.

    Also new to the fresh face will be TCS, motion adaptive EPS, Hill Start Assist and an evolved VSA. We were in Thailand recently for a preview of the new CR-V, so stay tuned for our report on it.


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