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UPDATE: The fourth-gen Honda CR-V has been launched in Malaysia. Click here to read our launch report, and here for a comprehensive test drive review

It looks like the fourth-gen Honda CR-V may be on its way here soon – an ad for the SUV, which debuted in LA in late 2011 and began selling in Japan in December that same year, has surfaced on, stating that bookings are open for it.

Initially, it listed the price as RM170,000, with 2.0 and 2.4 litre units stated under the engine capacity. It has since been revised to RM153,980 (and the 2.4 is now a 2.5), which coincidentally is the price of the third-gen CR-V Limited that was announced last October, so that figure should be taken with a pinch of salt.

crv oto

The allusion to the 2.4 is interesting. The current CR-V is available here in only in its 2.0 litre form, so will there finally be two engine variants for the SUV? To recap, the K24A 2.4 i-VTEC offers 190 PS and 222 Nm of torque in its domestic form, paired with a five-speed automatic tranny.

As for the 2.0, the R20A i-VTEC SOHC unit has 150 PS and 191 Nm for numbers, virtually identical to what’s on now, but the company has previously stated that the mill in the new CR-V will offer powerful torque characteristics from the low rpm range on, so that should hopefully address the slightly lethargic take-up exhibited by the current vehicle. While the Japanese 2.0 litre model comes equipped with a CVT, it’s likely that the one we’ll get will be shod with a five-speeder auto.